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[88 STAT. C30]
[88 STAT. C30]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



District of Columbia—Continued Page District of Columbia Revenue Act of 1947, Paw University of the District of Columbia, Amendment, corporate taxation 85 establishment 1424 District of Columbia Sales Tax Act, Vocational Board, abolishment, transfer Amendment, sales tax, admission of functions to the Board of T r u s charges to public events 1064 tees, University of the District of District of Columbia Self-Government and Columbia 1428 Governmental Reorganization Act: Vouchers, statistical sampling proceAmendments— dures in examination of 1959 Advisory neighborhood councils, refWashington Metropolitan Area Transit e r e n d u m clarification 93 Authority, appropriation for 212, 779 Council of the District of Columbia, Washington Technical Institute, presiOffice of the Chairman, procedure dent of, appropriation for 824 for filling a v a c a n c y 793 District of Columbia Administrative ProEffective dates, revisions 794 cedure Act, Amendment, District of Fiscal year, dates of, adjustment 793 Columbia Municipal Code, codificaM a n p o w e r Administration, District of tion and publication 483 Columbia, transferred employees, District of Columbia Appropriation Act, civil service rights 793 1975 822 Political participation in certain elecDistrict of Columbia Board of Elections tions . 86 and Ethics Nominating Committee, Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 823 establishment 456 District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Act District of Columbia Campaign Finance of 1955, Amendments: Reform and Conflict of Interest Act__ 446 Salary increases 1042 Amendments— Technical amendments 2175 Conflict of i n t e r e s t restrictions 2178 District of Columbia Unemployment ComDirector of Campaign Finance, term. 2177 pensation Act, Amendment, U n e m District of Columbia Code, new edition, ployment Compensation Board, judiappropriation for publication 433 cial review of decisions 1617 District of Columbia Criminal Justice Dogs, use in biological or chemical warfare Act 1089 research, prohibition 406 District of Columbia Election Act, AmendDomestic and International Business Adments: ministration, appropriation for 218, 1196 Board of Education, vacancies, proDomestic Council, appropriation for 617 cedure for filling 794 Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973: Board of Elections and E t h i c s — Amendment, Retired Senior Volunteer Compensation of members 471 Program, local contributions, reI m partial i t y, regulations 2177 strictions 358 District of Columbia Income and FranAppropriation for effecting provisions. - 1649 chise Tax Act of 1947, Amendment, Drinking Water Advisory Council, Nacampaign contribution tax credits 470 tional, establishment 1688 District of Columbia Law Revision ComDrug, and Cosmetic Act, Federal Food, mission, establishment 480 Amendment, bottled drinking water District of Columbia Law Revision Comstandards 1694 mission Act, The 480 Drug Abuse, and Mental Health, National District of Columbia Medical and Dental Panel on Alcohol, establishment 134 Manpower Act of 1970: Drug Abuse, and Mental Health AdminisAmendment, extension 763 tration, Alcohol: Appropriation for effecting provisions. - 1641 Appropriation for 1640, 1773 District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Establishment 134 Salary Act of 1958, Amendments: National Research Services Awards 342 Helicopter pilots and b o m b disposal Drug Abuse, National Advisory Council on. unit, extra p a y 1036 National Panel on Alcohol, D r u g Longevity, computation 1037 Abuse, and M e n t a l Health, m e m b e r. 134 R e a p p o i n t e d officers and members, comDrug Abuse, National Institute o n: pensation 1036 Biomedical and behavioral research, peer Salary increase 1036 review of g r a n t applications and Technical amendments 2173 contracts, cooperation 360 Technicians, extra p a y 1037 Department a l position of 136 District of Columbia Public Education Drug Abuse Education Act Amendments of Act, appropriation for effecting pro1974, Alcohol and 1154 visions 1825, 1826 Drug Abuse Education Act of 1970, District of Columbia Public Postsecondary Education Reorganization Act 1423 Amendments: District of Columbia Public Works Act of Extension ^^^' 1954, Amendment, repeal of certain Title renamed Alcohol and D r u g Abuse provisions 1065 Education Act ^154 District of Columbia Real Property Tax Drug Abuse Office and Treatment Act of Revision Act of 1974 1051 1972: Technical and clarifying amendments.. 2 1 7 6 Amendments— 2178 National Institute on D r u g Abuse, District of Columbia Redevelopment Act d e part m e n t a l position of l-*" of 1945, Amendment, National CapiP a t i e n t records, confidentiality 137 tal Housing Authority, audits, frequency 1963 Appropriation for effecting provisions- 619, 1640 NOTE: Part 1 contains p£«es 1-1362; Part 2 contains pages 1363-2845.