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[88 STAT. 1682]
[88 STAT. 1682]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975


Application for additional certifications.

Noncompliance, penalties.

Temporary restraining order, preliminary or permanent injunction.

Termination dates.

PUBLIC LAW 93-523-DEC. 16, 1974

" (A) the geographical relationships and established commercial relationships between such manufacturers, producers, processors, distributors, and repackagers and the persons for whom the orders are issued; " (B) in the case of orders to be issued to producers of chlorine, the (i) amount of chlorine historically supplied by each such producer to treat water in public water systems and public treatment works, and (ii) share of each such producer of the total annual production of chlorine in the United States; and " (C) such other factors as the President or his delegate may determine are relevant to the apportionment of orders in accordance with the requirements of the preceding sentence. "(3) Subject to subsection (f), any person for whom a certification of need has been issued under this subsection may upon the expiration of the order issued under paragraph (1) upon such certification apply under this section for additional certifications. " (d) There shall be available as a defense to any action brought for breach of contract in a Federal or State court arising out of delay or failure to provide, sell, or offer for sale or exchange a chemical or substance subject to an order issued pursuant to subsection (c)(1), that such delay or failure was caused solely by compliance with such order. "(e)(1) Whoever knowingly fails to comply with any order issued pursuant to subsection (c)(1) shall be fined not more than $5,000 for each such failure to comply. "(2) Whoever fails to comply with any order issued pursuant to subsection (c)(1) shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $2,500 for each such failure to comply. "(3) Whenever the Administrator or the President or his delegate has reason to believe that any person is violating or will violate any order issued pursuant to subsection (c)(1), he may petition a United States district court to issue a temporary restraining order or preliminary or permanent injunction (including a mandatory injunction) to enforce the provision of such order. "(f) No certification of need or order issued under this section may remain in effect— "(1) for more than one year, or "(2) after June 30, 1977, whichever occurs first. "RESEAIU'TI, T E C H N I C A L ASSISTANCE, INFORMATION, PERSONNEL

42 USC 300J-1.

[88 STAT.



"SEC. 1442. (a)(1) The Administrator may conduct research, studies, and demonstrations relating to the causes, diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of physical and mental diseases and other impaiiinents of man resulting directly or indirectly from contaminants in water, or to the provision of a dependably safe supply of drinking water, including— " (A) improved methods (i) to identify and measure the existence of contaminants in drinking water (including methods which inay be used by State and local health and water officials), and (ii) to identify the source of such contaminants; " (B) improved methods to identify and measure the health effects of contaminants in drinking water; " (C) new methods of treating raw water to prepare it for drinking, so as to improve the efficiency of water treatment and to lemove contaminants from water;