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[88 STAT. xxxix]
[88 STAT. xxxix]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



93-118- _ - Aldo Massara. AN ACT For the relief of Mr. Aldo Massara... Jan. 2, 1975 93-119.. _ Kiyonao Okami. AN ACT For the relief of Kiyonao Okami_ _ _ Jan. 2, 1975 93-120 Certain fire districts and departments, Mo. AN ACT For the relief of certain fire districts and departments in the State of Missouri to compensate them for expenses relating to a fire on Federal property Jan. 2, 1975 93-121___ Carl C. and Mary Ann Strauss. AN ACT For the relief of Carl C. Strauss and Mary Ann Strauss Jan. 2, 1975 93-122___ Judith E. Sterling. AN ACT For the relief of Judith E. Sterling Jan. 2, 1976 93-123.. _ Frank P. Muto and others. AN ACT For the relief of Frank P. Muto, Alphonso A. Muto, Arthur E. Scott, F. Clyde Wilkinson, Arthur D. O'Neill, Joseph H. Avery, Junior, Joshua Cosden, Keith Jewell, Bertha Seelmeyer, Thomas Dennis O'Neill, Robert H. Brockhurst, Michael Senko, Salvatore La Capria, C. J. Moore III, and Ann C. Siegal... Jan. 3, 1975


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