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[88 STAT. 1848]
[88 STAT. 1848]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



PUBLIC LAW 93-567-DEC. 31, 1974

[88 STAT.

number or proportion of public service jobholders supported under this title. The Secretary may establish placement goals for eligible applicants, except that such goals must be identified as goals, not requirements, and any form or other document developed pursuant to such regulations shall give written notice to that effect. Any eligible applicant shall have the right, clearly stated in such regulations, to request a waiver of such goals if, in his judgment, such goals are not feasible. Such waiver, a request for which may be submitted at any time, may be granted by the Secretary where, in his judgment, local conditions warrant it. Wherever such a waiver has been granted, failure to meet placement goals shall not be cited in any official review or evaluation of that eligible applicant's programs." VETERxVNS' EMPLOYMENT


38 USC 2002

gEC. 104. (a) The Director of the Veterans' Employment Service, note Department of Labor, established by section 2002 of title 38, United States Code, together with the Secretary and Under Secretary of Labor and such Assistant Secretaries of Labor as the Secretary may designate, shall be responsible for formulating and monitoring the implementation of all departmental policies and programs as they affect veterans, especially those relating to unemployment, job training, employment, and placement under any provision of law. (b) The Secretary of Labor, in consultation and cooperation with the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs and the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, shall provide for an outreach and public information program utilizing, to the maximum extent, the facilities of the Departments of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare and the Veterans' Administration in order to (A) exercise maximum efforts to produce jobs and job training opportunities for individuals who served in the Armed Forces and were discharged within 4 years before the date of their application for such jobs or job training and inform all eligible veterans about employment, job training, on-the-job training, and educational opportunities, under the Comprehensive notl "^^ *°^ Employment and Training Act of 1973, as amended by this Act, as 38 USC 101 e( provided for under title 38, United States Code, and under any other ^^"Jf. provision of law, and (B) inform all eligible applicants under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973, Federal contractors and subcontractor's, all Federal departments and agencies, educational institutions, labor unions, and other employers, of their responsibilities under this subsection and under all such laws, and (C) provide the entities described in clause (B) of this subsection Report to c^on- technical assistance in carrying out those responsibilities. The Secreml^^e^s?^ ^ tary of Labor, in consultation and cooperation with the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs and the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare shall report to the appropriate committees of the Congress not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act on the steps taken and regulations issued to carry out the provisions of this section and of section 205(c)(5) of the Comprehensive Employment 29 USC 845. and Traininff Act of 1973. SPECIAL REPORT 29 USC 849.

29 USC 848.

SEC. 105. Section 209 of such Act is amended by striking out "Sec. 209." and inserting in lieu thereof "Sec. 209. (a)". and by adding at the end of such section the following new subsection: "(b) In compiling the data which the Secretary is required to report to the Congress under section 208(e), the Secretary shall obtain and compile information on practices and procedures implemented by prime sponsors affecting average annual wage rates paid to public service job holders and public service job opportunities described