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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



p^gg Vessels: Page Veterans Administration —Con. Cargo vessels, emergency situaPhysicians and dentists— tions, passengers 426 Recruitment and retention in Merchant Marine Act, 1920, Federal Government, report, amendment, cargo vessels, cooperation 674, 675 emergency situations, passenSpecial pay program, report to gers 426 congressional committees _ _ 675 Merchant Marine Act, 1936 Veterans' Administration Physician Amendments — and Dentist Pay Comparability Federal ship mortgage insurAct of 1975 669 ance, g u a r a n t e e program, Veterans and Survivors Pension limitation increase 681 Interim Adjustment Act of 1975_ _ 1013 Regional offices, establishment 16 Veterans Day: Legal holiday, redesignation 479 Subsidy funds, allocation to 1975, proclamation 1292 U.S. ports 680 Veterans Disability Compensation Appropriation for effecting proand Survivor Benefits Act of visions 627 1975 395 National Safe Boating Week, 1975, proclamation 1244 Vice President of the United States: Compensation and mileage, apSeafreeze Atlantic, certain foreign propriation for 830 citizens, employment 807 Former, franking privileges 1032 Veterans. See also Veterans Admin"Nomination of Nelson A. istration. Rockefeller to be. Vice Benefits, terminal service date for President of the United qualification, proclamation - . 1270 States", hearing, printing of Dependency and indemnity comadditional copies 1202 pensation, interim adjustOffice of, appropriation for 269 ment 1019 Official residence, appropriation Disability compensation, infor 446 crease 395 Salary adjustment 420 Pensions, interim adjustment 1013 Veterans' Administration PhysiVietnam: cian and Dentist Pay ComparaDraft evaders and military debility Act of 1975 669 serters, program for r e t u r n, Veterans and Survivors Pension proclamation 1236, 1246 Interim Adjustment Act of Refugees, special assistance, ap1975 1013 propriation for 89 Veterans Disability Compensation Vietnam, North, assistance, prohibiand Survivor Benefits Act of tion of funds 21, 231 1975 395 Vietnam, South: Widows and children, dependency Assistance, prohibition of funds. _ 231 and indemnity compensation, Police or prison construction assistance, restriction 21 increase 396, 397 Refugees from, assistance 87 Veterans Administration. See also Virgin Islands: Veterans. Buck Island Reef National Appropriation for 79, 175, 206, 593 Monument, boundary revision, Dependency and indemnity comproclamations 1237, 1254 pensation claims, study 397 Delegate to the House of RepreDisability compensation, insentatives— crease 395 Clerk hire allowance and travel Medicine and Surgery, Departexpenses 94 ment of, special pay for phyElection, criminal penalties 404 sicians and dentists 670