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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1975

PUBLIC LAW 94-63—JULY 29, 1975

89 STAT. 343

"(2) The term 'supplemental health services' means services Which are not included as primary health services and which are— "(A) hospital services; "(B) home health services; "(C) extended care facility services; "(D) rehabilitative services (including physical therapy) and long-term physical medicine; " (E) mental health services; " (F) dental services; " (G) vision services; " (H) allied health services; " (I) pharmaceutical services; " (J) therapeutic radiologic services; " (K) public health services (including nutrition education and social services); " (L) health education services; and "(M) services which promote and facilitate optimal use of primary health services and the services referred to in the preceding subparagraphs of this paragraph, including, if a substantial number of the individuals in the population served by a community health center are of limited English-speaking ability, the services of outreach workers fluent in the language spoken by a predominant number of such individuals. "(3) The term 'medically underserved population' means the population of an urban or rural area designated by the Secretary as an area with a shortage of personal health services or a population group designated by the Secretary as having a shortage of such services. "(c)(1) The Secretary may make grants to public and nonprofit Grants, private entities for projects to plan and develop community health centers which will serve medically underserved populations. A project for which a grant may be made under this subsection may include the cost of the acquisition and modernization of existing buildings (including the costs of amortizing the principal of, and paying the interest on, loans) and shall include— "(A) an assessment of the need that the population proposed to be served by the community health center for which the project is undertaken has for primary health services, supplemental health services, and environmental health services; "(B) the design of a community health center program for such population based on such assessment; "(C) efforts to secure, within the proposed catchment area of such center, financial and professional assistance and support for the project; and "(D) initiation and encouragement of continuing community involvement in the development and operation of the project. "(2) Not more than two grants may be made under this subsection for the same project. "(3) the amount of any grant made under this subsection for any project shall be determined by the Secretary. " (d)(1)(A) The Secretary may make grants for the costs of opera- Grants, tion of public and nonprofit private community health centers which serve medically underserved populations. "(B) The Secretary may make grants for the costs of the operation of public and nonprofit private entities which provide health services to medically underserved populations but with respect to which he is unable to make each of the determinations required by subsection (e)(2).