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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1975

PUBLIC LAW 94-161—DEC. 20, 1975

89 STAT. 8 6 3

directed to strengthening their joint and respective capabilities and to engage them more effectively in research, teaching, and extension activities for solving problems in food production, distribution, storage, marketing, and consumption in agriculturally underdeveloped nations. " (d) A s used in this title, the term 'universities' means those col- 'Universities leges or universities in each State, territory, or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, now receiving, or which may hereafter receive, benefits under the Act of July 2, 1862 (known as the F i r s t Morrill Act), or the Act of August 30, 1890 (known as 7 USC 301. the Second Morrill Act), which are commonly known as 'land-grant' 7 USC 321. universities; institutions now designated or which may hereafter be designated as sea-grant colleges under the Act of October 15, 1966 (known as the National Sea G r a n t College and Program Act), which 33 USC 1121 are commonly known as sea-grant colleges; and other United States note. colleges and universities which— " (1) have demonstrable capacity in teaching, research, and extension activities i n the agricultural sciences; and " (2) can contribute effectively to the attainment of the objectives of this title. " (e) A s used i n this title, the term 'Administrator' means the Definitions Administrator of the Agency for International Development. " (f) A s used in this title, the term 'agriculture' shall be considered to include aquaculture and fisheries. " (g) A s used in this title, the term 'farmers' shall be considered to include fishermen and other persons employed in cultivating and harvesting food resources from salt and fresh waters. " SEC. 297. GENERAL AUTHORITY. — (a) To c a r r y out the purposes of 22 USC 2220b. this title, the President is authorized to provide assistance on such terms and conditions as he shall determine— " (1) to strengthen the capabilities of universities in teachijig, research, and extension work to enable them to implement current programs authorized by paragraph s (2), (3), (4), and (5) of this subsection, and those proposed in the report required by section 300 of this title; " (2) to build and strengthen the institutional capacity and human resource skills of agriculturally developing countries so that these countries may participate more fully in the international agricultural problem-solving effort and to introduce and a d a p t new solutions to local circumstances; " (3) to provide program support for long-term collaborative university research on food production, distribution, storage, marketing, and consumption; " (4) to involve universities more fully in the international network of agricultural science, including the international research centers, the activities of international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the institutions of agriculturally developing nations; and " (5) to provide program support for international agricultural research centers, to provide support for research projects identified for specific problem-solving needs, and to develop and strengthen national research systems in the developing countries. " (b) Program s under this title shall be carried o u t so as to— " (1) utilize and strengthen the capabilities of universities in— " (A) developing capacity i n the cooperating nation for classroom teaching i n agriculture, plant and animal sciences,