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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1975

89 STAT. 934

Standby plan.

PUBLIC LAW 94-163—DEC. 22, 1975 (d) Each proposed State energy conservation plan may include— (1) restrictions governing the hours and conditions of operation of public buildings (except buildings owned or leased by the United States); (2) restrictions on the use of decorative or nonessential lighting; ^3) transportation controls; (4) programs of public education to promote energy conservation; and (5) any other appropriate method or programs to conserve and to improve efficiency in the use of energy. (e) The Governor of any State may submit to the Administrator a State energy conservation plan which is a standby energy conservation plan to significantly reduce energy demand by regulating the public and private consumption of energy during a severe energy supply interruption, which plan may be separately eligible for Federal assistance under this part without regard to subsections (c) and (d) of this section. FEDERAL ASSISTANCE TO STATES

42 USC 6323.


SEC. 363. (a) Upon request of the Governor of any State, the Administrator shall provide, subject to the availability of personnel and funds, information and technical assistance, including model State laws and proposed regulations relating to energy conservation, and other assistance in— (1) the preparation of the reports described in section 362, and (2) the development, implementation, or modification of an energy conservation plan of such State submitted under section 362 (b) or (e). (b)(1) The Administrator may grant Federal financial assistance pursuant to this section for the purpose of assisting such State in the development of any such energy conservation plan or in the implementation or modification of a State energy conservation plan or part thereof which has been submitted to and approved by the Administrator pursuant to this part. (2) In determining whether to approve a State energy conservation plan submitted under section 362(b) or (e), the Administrator— (A) shall take into account the impact of local economic, climatic, geographic, and other unique conditions and requirements of such State on the opportunity to conserve and to improve efficiency in the use of energy in such State; and (B) may extend the period of time during which a State energy conservation feasibility report or State energy conservation plan may be submitted if the Administrator determines that participation by the State submitting such report or plan is likely to result in significant progress toward achieving the purposes of this Act. (3) In determining the amount of Federal financial assistance to be provided to any State under this subsection, the Administrator shall consider— (A) the contribution to energy conservation which can reasonably be expected, (B) the number of people affected by such plan, and (C) the consistency of such plan with the purposes of this Act, and such other factors as the Administrator deems appropriate. (c) Each recipient of Federal financial assistance under subsection (b) shall keep such records as the Administrator shall require, including records which fully disclose the amount and disposition by each