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RY AUTHORITY OF CONGRESS. mm Btatutzz at ilargc aub Qrzatizz or nm UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. DECEMBER 1, 1845, TO MARCH 3, 1851, flrrungzb in dibrnnslcgiml Qbrbzr; REFERENCES TO THE MATTER OF EACH ACT AND TO THE SUBSEQUENT ACTS ON THE SAME SUBJECT. EDITED BY GEORGE MINOT, ESQ., OOUNSBLLOB AT LAW. .·.T'f.€."3.“.1.`*.‘§‘5,"¥‘s..°‘..E".£‘.é’.‘I."s..’1‘3°¤T?'..£‘.S$“¤.°§‘;J£2`.3.?.!§’éZ‘.?5‘;“,I‘.§'3ZL”§°.f‘;“* ‘°*‘°'* VOL. IX. B O S T O N Z LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY. 1862.