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POSTAL CONVENTION WITH GREAT BRITAIN. Duc. 15, 1848. 969 Arcrrcnn XVII. Periodical works, not of daily publication, posted in the United Periodical Kingdom or in the United States, may be forwarded from one country W°*kS* h°“"h°Y to the other, either by British or by United States packets, by means Elfly bfiogmiggé of the two offices, under the following conditions, namely: country to the lst. There shall be 110 accounts between the two offices for the °th°‘· transmission of such works: each office shall retain the postage it shall have charged. 2dly. They must be sent in bands or covers open at the sides or end, so that they may be easily examined. 3dly. They shall be in every respect subject to the conditions prescribed by the laws and regulations of both countries. The rates to be levied in Great Britain, as well on the above mentioned works addressed to the United States, as on those from the United States addressed to Great Britain, shall be as follows: lst. For every work not exceeding two ounces in weight, one penny. 2dly. For every work above two ounces in weight, and not exceeding three ounces, six pence. ` 3dly. For every work above three ounces in weight, and not exceeding four ounces, eightpence. 4th1y. And for every ounce above four up to sixteen ounces, (the limit imposed on the transmission of such articles by the British office,) two pence additional, every fraction of an ounce being reckoned as a full ounce. The rates to be levied by the post-office of the United States on similar works, addressed to or coming from the United States, shall not exceed the rates to be charged in the United Kingdom. Arvrrcnn XVIII. _ Printed pamphlets not exceeding the weight of eight ounces, posted Printed pam. in the United Kingdom or in the United States, may be forwarded from Pb1m" one country to the other, either by British or by United States packets, by means of the two offices, at the same rates and under the same conditions as those fixed for periodical works by Article XVII. ARTICLE ·XIX. · In consideration of two cents United States currency not being pre- Difference becisely equivalent to one penny sterling, the British post-office shall g';'?!; a;l&°Brg; account to the United States post-office at the rate of four hundredand is}? iuucnc to eighty-four cents to the pound sterling; and the United States post- beaeeounteiior. ollice shall account to the British post-oflice at the rate of four hundred and eighty cents to the pound sterling. A1tr1cLE XX. · In case of war between the two nations, the mail packets of the two Case ofwarbe- Ofiices shall continue their navigation without impediment or molesta- ;‘;:g;s gggvigzg UGH until six weeks after a notification shall have been made on the {0;, part of either of the two governments, and delivered to the other, that the service is to be discontinued; in which case they shall be permit- ` ted to return freely, and under special protection, to their respective ports.