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990 TREATY WITH THE WYANDOTS. Arran. 1, 1850. Annexe IV. The U. 8- in The United States further agree to a commutation oi the annuity

‘f$§‘;“° "“ 
:5 and other claims of the Wyandot Indians arising out of former treaty

claim; undeythe stipulations, and which are to be considered as being all embraced in

°*gt;*` fgiaglg the treaty of March 17, 1842. These annuities and other claims,

s,,},, Ofjsmgw; producing an annual payment to the Wyandot nation of eighteen thou-

vhi3lkis t;> ge sand nine hundred and ninety dollars, are hereby oommuted for the
{‘00°000"`“ mz'
sum of three hundred and seventyminc thousand eight hundred dollars,

tionediu m. 3. (8379,800.) And this sum of three hundred and seventy-nine thousand eight hundred dollars shall be added to the sum of one hundred thousand dollars stipulated to be funded, by the third article of this treaty; and the aggregate amount of four hundred and seventymine thousand eight hundred dollars shall constitute a general fund, to be equally divided among the Wyandot people, and certificates of stock to be issued therefor, as mentioned in the preceding article, so that each and every Wyandot citizen shall have an equal share of the common property thus to be divided. Axrrcm V. Rmoeesqiou ¤r The Wyandot tribe or nation having, by the first article of this treaty,

 l;“d°w‘“ gg extinguished their Indian or occupant title to all lands claimed or occuw,-5,,40;,, pied by them, the United States, for the consideration hereinbefore set

Wl¤_i¤¥; WW M- forth,do hereby rotrocedemouvey, and guaranty in jk: simple to the Wy- §)‘:fmg:‘“ andot people, all the lands conveyed or intended to be conveyed to them the title otabicb by the Delaware nation, in the treaty or contract entered into on the

i!{x:“{§";d°’°d 14th of December, 1842, and ratified by the President and Con-

'gross of the United States, July 25, 1848, as fully shown in the preamble to this treaty; said tract or tracts of land containing thirtymine sections, or twenty-four thousand nine hundred and sixty acres. And the United States agree to cause an accurate survey of the boundary of these lands to be made as soon after the ratification of this treaty as possible, in accordance with the stipulations contained in the said contract between the Delaware and Wyandot tribes. ABTICLB VI. Abqud of ¤•>m· In order that a fair and equitable partition and apportionment of the

'Q;:;¥;'é°'}°,°:Q; Wyandot lands mentioned in the foregoing article may be made, so

sppontoumem that they may hereafter be held individually and severally, it is hereby {*:1*;* W.§°*;°‘ mutually agreed between the contracting parties, that a commissioner 5; gk;} ,,f°: on the part of the United States, and three commissioners on the part naman or En ne.- of the Wyandot people, shall be appointed for that purpose- the latter "°“· to be appointed by the chiefs and national council of the Wyandot nation. The duty of the board of commissioners, thus constituted, shall be to take a census of all the individuals belonging to the Wyandot nation, and entitled to personal benefits accruing under this treaty —-to make an accurate register of their names, ages, occupations, and general condition. And after these facts are ascertained to the satis~ faction of said board of commissioners, than they shall proceed to make a just artition and apportionment of the lands aforesaid among the individuals of the Wyandot nation who, at the ratification of this treaty, reside u on the lands as citizens of said nation, and who are ascertained to ge entitled to a share therein, according to the laws, usages, or agreements of said nation.