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96 TWENTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 175. 1846. Secretary and For the salary of a secretary and Chinese interpreter, two thousand g;,';?° mm` five hundred dollars. _ _ _ _ For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty thousand CDI1I1I1g6X1C16S. dollars. Continvent ex- For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, thirty thousand dol- PCIISGS of?l`0l`€lgI1 la1·S_ m€,i,;:ls§gL,,,,_ For salary of the consul at Londopl, two thousandfdcldlars. don. _ _ For clerk hire, cihce rent, and other expenses o the office of tho %°,;°£f§§;gf;,; consul at London, two thousand eight hundred dollars. to Sandwich For compensation of commissioner to the Sandwich Islands, three Islanflsi t thousand dollars. €,,,,d;’°2,:,€r;{ For interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the consulates at Slgnigaptgislplxli Constantinople, Smyrna, and Alexandria, fifteen hundred dollars, · 6X3E1d,,;, For payment in full to Benjamin E. Green for services while »s~‘T€5‘é‘fé`§ at °“`f”"Ff “` f”?’“°‘Zi “Si"“?"’{Fd2f5F2t2T2E5E21S?Edr£2iT? . · · or e re ie an ro ec ion g coun- Grgailgrican sea, trigs, seventy-five thotizand dpllars. f h _ f h I men in foreign or can- in into e act the acts ort e suppression o the save °°§Eg;;sion of trade, including the support of recaptured Africans, and their removal slave trade. to their country, twenty-five thousand dollars. , Maps, Bp6cm_ · For completing the maps, specifications, and astronomical comput_a— cations, &c., or tions of the line of boundary between the United States and the Brit- N· E- b°“¤d*¤'>’· ish provinces, heretofore run and established, or run and marked by the joint commissioners, under the treaty of Washington, twenty thousand dollars, and for transmitting to the respective States, whose boundaries are affected thereby, authentic copies thereof Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, in addition to the assistant · · _ a raisers authorized b law at the ort of New York, there may be prdggftlgfalniiv aiiiiointed, in the mode iiow prescribgd by law, one additional assistant °’k ““*h°““d· appraiser at said port, at a salary, as heretofore established, of fifteen hundred dollars per annum, to be paid out of any money in the trea- ,,,0,,,,,, as to sury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, said salary shall not comsalary. _’ mence, or appointment take effect, prior to the thirtieth of November 0, ;¥;l;j":'€”;';*;f next, and in appraising all goods, at any port of the·United States, t,,,,,-h0uS,,_ how heretofore subjected to specific duties, but upon which ad valorcm mtxlséc P 42 dugesire inéposed by tip; act oflthe thirtietg of July 121;:, entitled ’ ‘n ct re ucing the ut on mports, an or other urposes, reference shall be had to valubs and invoices of similar goods imported during the last fiscal year, under such general and uniform regulations fpr gre preventipnipf fraud or undervaluation as shall be prescribed by t e ecretary o the Treasur . Heads of de. SEc._3. And be it furthe; enacted, ·That it shall be lawful for the pmments may respective heads of departments to continue in service during the cul'- continue omeers rent fiscal year the officers and persons, and at the salaries and com-

‘°;.’$g42 (lg pensations, authorized in the act approved twenty-sixth of August, one

goo,,,,,.; 1844; ch; thousand eight hundred and forty-two, entitled "An Act legalizmg 105- Z-md making Appropriations for such necessary Cbjects as have b€€H usually included in the Genera} Appropriation Bills without Authority of Law, and to fix and provide for certain incidental Expenses of the Departments and Officers of the Government, and for other Pul‘p0S€S," and also the clerks authorized to be employed in the office of the first comptroller of the treasury by the act of June seventeenth, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, entitled "An Act making Appropriations for the civil and diplomatic Expenses of the Government for the fiscal Year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, and for other Purposes;" and also the l clerk in the office of the second auditor, authorized by the same act: Pr<>v¤¤<>· Provided, That nothing in this section shan be construed to authorize