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TWENTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 180. 1846. 107 highest court of record, or of the presiding judge of any court, exercising unlimited jurisdiction in amount, of any State, Territory, or district, and of the taking of which testimony due notice shall previously be given to the district attorney of the United States for the district in which such testimony is taken, who shall be at liberty to appear and propound questions to such witnesses; all which evidence shall be transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury, and preserved in his department; and all wilful false swearing upon such _ False swear examination shall be and hereby is declared to be perjury, and liable "°g "°° l’°‘7‘"7* tb the punishment for that offence prescribed by the laws of the United States: And provided further, That a statement of all treasury smcmcut so notes paid under the provisions of this act, within the preceding year, g° •¤l*¤*m¤d ¥° shall be submitted to Congress with the annual report of the Secre- °°g"°°°' tary of the Treasury in relation to the finances. Sec. 2. And be i¢ji.¢rtIm· enacted, That when any officer or agent Omcm and of the United States, duly authorized to receive, redeem, or cancel, $g‘*,faY‘;Fo;]h1§‘* any treasury notes issued by authority of law, has received, or shall mum such receive, or has paid, or shall pay, any treasury note which had been P';:1¤»*9m*>° *3;% previously received or redeemed by any officer or agent having author- K ity to receive or redeem such note, and which had subsequently thereto been purloined and put into circulation, the Secretary of the Treasury, upon full and satisfactory proof that the same had been received or paid in good faith, and in the exercise of ordinary prudence, may allow_a credit for the amount of such note to the officer or agent so receiving or paying the same; and all credits which have, Crsditymdo before the passage of this act, been allowed in such cases, and under *°l’° "·“°“°”°d· such circumstances, are hereby sanctioned. Sec. 3. And be izfmlm- amazed, That all acts and pam of acts Repglgf up heretofore enacted, which are supplied by this act, so far as the same gg?} ,,,,,7,,33 may not have been acted on are hereby repealed, and so far as they onyif acted oa, may have been acted on, they are ratified and confirmed. ud °°“' Approved, August 10, 1846.