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From Bonham, via Warren, to county site of Grayson, (Sherman,) and from Sherman, via Pinckneysville, to Stewartville; and the existing route from Bonham to Dallas shall be so changed as to pass through Buckner, Stewartville, and Cedar Spring.

From Marshall, via the county site of Upshur and the county site of Henderson, to Buffalo, on the Trinity.

From county site of Upshur, via county site of Titus, to Clarksville, and from Paris to Tarrant.

From county site of Cherokee, via the “Saline (Neches,) " and the county site of Smith, to county site of Upshur.

From Galveston to Sabine Pass.

From Houston, via Linchburg and Cedar Bayou, to Liberty.

From Austin, via San Marco and New Braunfels, to San Antonio.

From La Grange, via Lyons, Chawdoin’s, Hallettfs, Petersburgh, and Shibbling’s Mills, to Victoria.

From Gonzales, via Cuero, and Victoria, to Port La Bacca.

From Port La Bacca, via Indian Point and Port Caballo, to Matagorda.

From Galveston, via Springfield and Shelton’s, to Chamber’s Creek.

From Victoria, via Goliad, Refugio, and San Patricio, to Corpus Christi.

From Brasos Santiago, via Point Isabel, to Fort Brown.

From Corpus Christi to Brasos Santiago.

From Austin to Fredericksburg.

From San Antonio to Castroville.

Sec. 2. Whereas the following routes have been put in operation Certain routes by the agent, under a misconstruction of the law, viz: Certain routes legalized.

From Crockett to Fort Houston;

From Columbia, via Hinds, Liverpool, and Parker's Point, to Galveston;

From Port La Bacca, via Victoria and Cuero, to Gonzales;

From Matagorda to Port Caballo;

From Port Caballo to Port La Bacca; Be it further enacted, That they are hereby legalized by this act up to the time the new routes established by this act go into operation, when they shall cease. Approved. February 2, 1847.

Chap. VII.—An Act to Provide for the Payment of any Interest, falling due, on the Public Debt.February 9, 1847.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Payment of interest on the public debt.the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to cause to be paid, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, any interest falling due, or accruing on, any portion of the public debt authorized by law. Approved. February 9, 1847.