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TVVENTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 34, 35. 1847. 149 Cnlr. XXXIV.—-.91: :1ct to amend an flat entitled **.811 Act to regulate the Mami, 3, 1847, Carriage af Passengers in .}lc·rc}ian! Vessels," and to determine the Time when —-—·—·j—· — said Jie! shall take Eject. ]84’1,ch_]6_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Lhiited States of America in Congress assembled, That the act to regulate the carriage of passengers in merchant ressels, approved the lGA¤*°*`l$”·7¤¢l*- twentyseeond day of February, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, ;,,j,;°§$;`,° $5;;} shall, in regard to all vessels arriving from ports on this side of the asm vcsselsfroni Capes of Good Hope and Horn, take effect and be in force from and of 3**3;* Cys after the thirty-first day of May next ensuing, and in regard to all Hog'; mg HOm_ vessels arriving from places beyond said eapes, on and after the thirtieth day of October next ensuing. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so much of said act as P’°YlSl°¤ 3* · ·-.· to children reauthorizes shippers to estimate two children of eight years of age Pm6d_ and under as one passenger, in the assignment of room, is hereby repealed. Arnaovnn, March 2, 1847. Cnar. XXXV.-An .:’Ict making Approyniatians for the Support of the Brmyand March 2, 1%,7, of Volunteers for the Year ending the thirtieth June, one thousand cig/it hun· ——··;· drcd arzfvrty cig/rt, andfvr other Purposes. lOb$°l€m·l Be it emuted by the Senmfe and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, for the support of the army and of volunteers, for the year ending the thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight. For pay of the army, three million three hundred and sixty-five Army- thousand four hundred and sixty-two dollars. For commutation of officers' subsistence, six hundred and forty Commutation thousand seven hundred and forty-two dollars. °l` *“b*l“°“°°·' For commutation of forage for officers horses, one hundred and Forage. forty-eight thousand six hundred and forty dollars. For payments in lieu of clothing for othoers servants, forty-two seS7§l;“S l`" thousand eight hundred and ten dollars. ` For pay of volunteers, including general and stan` officers, two mil· Pay of v¤lun— lion eight hundred and fifteen thousand hre hundred and ninety-five ‘°°”· dollars. For subsistence in kind of the army, volunteers, and employees, two subsistence in million two hundred and eleven thousand six hundred and twenty-six kim dollars. For clothing of the army, camp, and garrison equipage, nine hun- Clothing cfmdred and seventy-four thousand dollars. ”‘Y· °"°· For expenses of recruiting, including bounties, one hundred and Reemitmg. ten thousand dollars. For three months’ extra pay to non-commissioned officers, musi- Three months' cians, and privates, twelve thousand dollars. extra pay. For the regular supplies of the quartermastefs department, consist- pagina: suping of fuel, forage in kind for the authorized number of of’deers’ PMS °*` te }h¤ horses, and for the horses, mules, and oxen belonging to the quarter- ggglaaetxtlgg rs master’s department, at the several military posts and stations, and for the horses of the three regiments of dragoons, the four companies of light artillery, and the regiment of mounted rillemen; of straw for soldiers’ bedding; and of stationery, including company and other blank books, for the army; certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the pay and quartermastefs department, and the printing of department orders, army regulations and general regulations; three million seven hundred and ten thousand six hundred dollars. Imdenm “_ For the incidental expenses of the quartermastefs department, con- pause.