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154 TWENTY-NIN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 39, 40. 1847. Proviso the said bank, for the time being, to close its affairs; Provided, That said bank shall not exercise any banking privileges, or any other powers, except to collect and pay its debts, and close up its business. Approved, March 2, 1847. .- det amend an det entitled “An Act to rovidc or Mmh 2’ 18. 4...7 C}ErZm§r§§_)‘p1$Iorsefbr ozhi: Property lost and destroyed in the riiilitary 1837, ch. 5. of the United Statcs," approved the eighteenth Day of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven. The claims of Be it enacted by the Senate and House af Representatives of the <>W¤·=¥¤ °f ”°K· United States of America in Congress assembled, That the above. ${0 °§g,ct°i:;'{ recited act be so amended as to embrace the claims of all owners of hprm, &¢·, pw- wagons or teams, who sustained or shall sustain damage or injury ““°d f°" from the loss of any horse, mule, or wagon, cart, boat, sleigh, or harness, while such property was in the military service of the United States either by impressment or contract, and [when] the same has been destroyed or abandoned by the order of the commanding general, the commanding officer, or wagon-master, or otherwise lost or destroyed by unavoidable accident, without any fault or negligence of the owner, and when he was in the line of his duty, such owner shall be allowed and paid the value thereof at the time he entered the service. D,,d,m;,,,,s in Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the accounting officers of =¤}di¤i¤z Md ¤¢¤- the treasury, in auditing and settling the claims under this act, and tling °°°°°m’ the one to which this is amendatory, shall make no other deductions from the claim, on account of former payments, than for the use, and risk, and forage advanced for the horse actually lost by the claimant, and before he was again remounted, or for clothing to which he was not entitled b law. Aetor1athJan. Sec. 3. Anyd be it further enacted, '1`hat an act entitled “An Act to ég3Z;h‘;l;·afrs ag provide for the Payment of Horses and other Property lost in the mili- [ating to uma tary Service of the United States," approved the eighteenth of Janu- ¤¤l3i¤¤*, ¤<>¤¢i¤- ary, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, and all other acts or parts of }·}°:,m{°§,lw1$;lQ$;{,s acts relating to the same subject, be, and the same are hereby, con- 124’1,&,¤.tinued in force for the period of two years from and after the third day of March, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, and nothing contained in any former act shall be so construed by the accounting officers of the treasury as to prevent the presentation and adjustment of all the claims the payment of which is provided for by any of these several acts, within the time above specified. Ammovnn, March 2, 1847. March 2, 1847. Crux-. XL.-An det for the Incréease of the marine Corps of the United "‘*·—·· tutes. .. Be it enacted b the Senate and House 0 R resentatives of the ,,,,}`,°}d‘t},Y,':,{lcgQfi,f United States of Ainerica in Congress essemlded, (That from and after missioned_ pin- the passage of this act, the United States marine corps as now organ·

:;‘;'“j:;; ized shall consist of four additional captains, four first lieutenants, four

moi-ized, second lieutenants, twenty·live sergeants, twenty-five corporals, twenty- five drummers, twenty-five fifers, and one thousand additional privates. Omcers, how Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the officers thus provided

  • °b°“PP°i“*°d· for shall be appointed first by promotion according to rank in the

marine corps, and then by election; and that their nominations shall Provision of be submitted to the Senate for their advice and consent: gmt of June 30, Sec. 3. And be at farther enacted, That the provisions of an 601 1834, ch._ 132, passed the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, 611- gaxe gg5i;:?;:: titled "An Act for the better Organization of the United States IIl31`l¤€ ofthis act. Corps," bc, and the Same are hereby, made applicable in all respects