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THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 12]. 1848. 269 smithery; converting old foundry into stables, and for repairs of al kinds, thirty-two thousand four hundred and eighteen dollars. At NozfoIk.—-—For extension of quay walls; completing slip forty- N°'*`°lkeight, and for the storehouse number nineteen; brick stables; steam hummer and engine; brick gun place, coal-house, and landing wharf; culvert drill press; punching machine and cutting shears, and for repairs of all kinds, one hundred and forty-four thousand one hundred and thirty-six dollars. At Pensacola. —For two third class officers' houses; completing P<=*¤¤¤<=¤?¤· timber shed number twenty-six ; dredge machine scows; four warrant officers’ houses, and guard-house; coal-house; paint shop and rail tracks; permanent wharf; drain in rear of officers’ quarters; wharf and rail track in front of storehouse number twenty-six; paving, grading, planting trees and levelling, and for repairs of all kinds, one hundred and fifty-nine thousand six hundred and twenty-tive dollars. For construction, in part, of a new timber shed at said navy-yard, fifty thousand dollars. For payment of such arrearages as the Secretary of the Navy may in law and equity decide to be due to Jerrison and Foster, seven thousand dollars. At Mcmphis.— For completing commandant’s houseiand storehouse; Memphis. tarring-house; engine and machinery for saw mill; timber shed, and boat-builders shop, and wall to enclose yard; embankment and excavations; machinery for ropewalk, and for repairs of all kinds, one hundred and seventy-four thousand and thirty-eight dollars. At Sarketfs Harbor. -—For the completion of o£hcers’ quarters, and S¤¢ke¤’¤ Har for repairs of all kinds, two thousand dolla; · bl"' For Haspilals, viz. : At Boston. —F or repairing hospital buildings ;I°$Pl¤l*»"l¤·¤ and dependencies, fences and furnaces, painting, glazing, and white- °s°°°' washing, two thousand eight hundred dollars. For the completion of the marine hospitals now building, viz. : At Pl¥*¤l>¤*s· Pittsburg, ten thousand dollars; at Cleveland, ten thousand dollars; at Louisville, ten thousand dollars. For the purpose of erecting marine hospitals on the sites owned by _Ei-action of mathe United States at the following places, viz. : ""° h°sl"°‘lS‘ At St. Louis, ten thousand dollars; at Natchez, ten thousand dol- SL L¤¤i¤· lars; at Paducah, ten thousand dollars. At Napoleon, Arkansas, (so soon as the government title to the site Napoleon, Ark. selected and purchased shall be perfected,) ten thousand dollars. Also for the construction of a marine hospital on such site as shall Cbi¤¤z<>· be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury, on the lands owned by the United States at Chicago, ten thousand dollars. At New York. — For purchase from the city of New York of water New York. front to hospital lands; for surgeon’s house; paving, guttering, and completing sewer, and for current repairs, twenty thousand and fifty- seven dollars. At Vlfashington. —For current repairs, one hundred dollars. Washingwm At Norfolk. —-— For repairs of galleries, cells, bath·house, fence, and Nt-**Y°lksurgeon’s house, one thousand four hundred dollars; and for making necessary repairs for the marine hospital at Norfolk, sixteen hundred dollars. _ At Pensacola.-—-For bricking up ponds and drain, repairs to hos- P°““°°l°* pital, and for current repairs, six thousand three hundred and seventy- eight dollars. _ At Mobile. — For necessary repairs of the marine hospital, one M<>l>*l¢· thousand and ninety dollarsl _ _ For Magazr'nes, viz. :-— At Boston, hve hundred dollars. L,g°£;;‘:”“»"" At New York, five hundred dollars. New \’in·k. At Washington, two hundred dollars. Washington.