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THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 121. 1848. 271 che navy-yard at Pensacola, according to the plan and specifications inpo a cummqn submitted by them to the Navy Department; gud also to cnfer into a HQ;{:m‘;‘:;"ZesQ; contract with one or the other of the respective parties above named, sum rm me for the compictc construction, within a rcasonable time from the date §:;‘$"'*°‘*g" gh 0f the .<><>ntract, at the navy-yard at Kittery, of a floating dry-dock, d,;3g:k basin, and railways, upon either of the abovcmamcd plans that the Pensacola may- mid Secretary may prefer as best adapted to said yard; the said works Y""‘ at each yard tc be of the largest dimensions proposed in said plans and specifications : Provided, That in each case such contract can be frcviso as tc made at prices that shall not exceed by more than ten per cent. the P“°°· prices which have been submitted by either of the said proprietors to the Navy Department for a Boating dry-dock on either of said plans, and for the basins and railways, of the: dimensions aforesaid, at any of the said navy·yards: And provided further, That the said Secretary {·‘¤-oyisogs m shall a1s0, by further contract with said parties, enlarge the dimensions Sagsglng °° uf said works at each yard to a capacity sufdcicnt for docking waz-- steamers of the largest class, at least three hundred and fifty feet in length, if the dimensions above mentioned should not be ibund adequate for that purpose. Szc. 4. And be it further enacted, That the sum of four hundred Appmpraauon thousand dollars is hereby appropriated towards said works from any M sm d°°kS money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, which sum, together with the sums that remain uncxpcndcd of the appropriations made by said act of March third, eighteen hundred aud forty-seven, for Boating dry-docks at the three navy-yards aforesaid, shall be applied towards HW appliedthe payments to be provided for in the said contracts, and be equally divided between the said contracts for the said works at the three navy- yards aforesaid. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That hereafter the amount of I. money commutation allowed by law in lieu of the spirit ration shall be i:;,,,§Qd_ increased to four cents. 1847, ¤h· 48- Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That when any master in the  ;2’;*;;B”°d ‘° navy, or passed midshipman, holding an acting appointment as master ,.1 mid,h;;$ front the Secretary of the Navy, has performed, or shall hereafter per- acting asmseqm, form, the duty of a lieutenant, under an order of the commander of the vtQ;€é‘u{°i;;fg}'fi;’;1$ vessel to which he was or shall be at the time attached, to supply a zemmzs. deficiency in the established complement of lieutenauts of said vessels, whether belonging to a squadron or on separate service, which order shall have been subsequently approved by the Secretary of the Navy, [hc] shall be allowed the pay of a master for the period or periods during which he shall have performed such duty. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That in calculating for the pay _ P;·y¤F¤¤¤’g¢<>¤= of surgeons in the navy, hereafter, the time upon the graduated scale IM ° mW' of pay·sha.ll be reckoned from their original entry into the service. Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy $¤¤¤·='é1*>'*° ¤=· be, and he is hereby, directed to report to Congress, at the commence- f;;;;Qy °"g'°tlSé ment of the next session, the number of persons in the naval service number of fg- Hoggcd in each of the years eighteen hundred and forty-six and cigh- Qggkggfggz m teen hundred and forty-seven, specifying the name of the ship, the offence, the sentence, and the number of lashes indicted; and it shall be his duty to make a similar report for each year thereafter. Szc. 9. And be it further enacted, That, on the application ‘0f the “;€"*“*;°'g Secretary of the Navy, the President of the United States be authorized, gon, auggonzed, when, in his opinion, the contingencies of the public service may require it, to transfer any portion of the sum of one million Eve hundred thousand dollars of uncxpcndcd balances of former appropriations, mentioned in the first section of this act, fiom one head of appropriation to any other head of the appropriations made for the naval service; and in all cases of such transfer, a special account of the moneys trans-