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4 TWEN’I`Y-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ci1.8. 1846. officer of the customs; but the whole amount thereof, when received, 'd directl into the treasury. Repeal of in- ShSiaii?4}ia;4nd be it further enacted, That all acts and parts of acts °°”“i°*°“* “°'*· inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed. Approved, February 11, 1846. ..._...~F°b' 20* 18/"" Crue, VIII. -—An Act to enlarge the Powers of the several Orphans' Courts held tSqggl;am:g.nt;i?' in uml for the District of Columbia.

g§°»P-7i- l i Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the

Orp,mn ,C0ms United States mf America in Congress assembled, That the several 0;,,,,, 1; ,,,,,,,, of Orphans’ Courts held in and for the District of Columbia be, and C¤l¤¤¤bi¤ ¤¤¤h9¥· they are hereby, authorized and empowered to appoint a guardian or 2f3d,;;, 33,p°l:? guardians to any and every infant orphan who may now or hereafter font orphans, in be entitled or have right or claim to any property, real, personal, or °°"*"l“ °““S· mixed, within, or whose person and residence may be within, the May mquim 0,. jurisdiction of said court, except when said orphan may have atestaguardians bona rnentary guardian; and shall require of said guardians-so appointed, and *°°“*'ll5’· “'!· and of testamentary guardians, unless directed otherwise by the will

 db appointing them, bond, with good and sufficient surety, ash now

Mny cqmpel required by law. And when any infant, whose father may be living, f“°l‘°" °f ‘"n'“° shall, by gift or otherwise, be entitled to any property separate from the children xx ho may _ . be entitled to father, it shall and may be lawful for said courts to compel the father,

 s;‘;u§l'G° as natural guardian, to give bond and security to account for said

a,,,,,,, c,,,,,, ,,,·,;,,,I property, and to compel him to account, as guardians m other cases; ¤r¤._m¤y ¤r;p<>i¤t and if he shall fail or refuse to give such bond, or at his request, said Sp°°’“l gu" '““°‘ courts shall have power to appoint a special guardian to take charge of said property, who shall give bond and security as in other cases, but with condition to suit the case. such guardian Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That in all cases where any of to give additional said courts have heretofore appointed, or may hereafter appoint, a

‘>“"*>;;]g ¤°;°‘;: guardian or guardians, or taken bond, or may hereafter take bond,

fax,,,",,, dopso, from any guardian or guardians, and shall at any time have good cause may be <1i¤mi¤¤¤d- to believe that the interest of the ward or wards may require it, said _ court shall have power and authority to compel said guardian or h,,§;'gO§,;:Q'f of guardians to give additional other or further security, in such time as force a_ compli- said court may direct; and upon his failure to comply with the order

':g;m;"’*:r *:1:}; of court directing such security, said court shall have power and

0,Ac, t,,,,,,. m,,,. authority, and it shall be their duty, to dismiss said guardian from ¤h¤1_¢¤ wks p<>¤- office, and appoint another in his stead, and order the estate of the fasgljzsgrzztggt uilaiip tip be forthwith gelivered to the newly-appointed guardian, and s a ave power, by ne and im risonment, or an le al rocess, to compel and enforce a compliancepwith such order,yor gmayij where it can be so done, order their marshal to take possession of and deliver the property: Provided, however, That no order shall be made directing a guardian to give new security, until he shall have been duly Summon; or summoned to show cause against, or have had ten days’ notice, in “°*'°° '°‘1““’°d· writing, of the intended application. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, in all cases where any of said courts have heretofore appointed, or may hereafter appoint, an administrator or administrators, or have taken or may take bond from said mum my any erecutor or executors, to any last will and testament, and shall at ,,,,1,., ,,,5 ,6,,,,,,,, any t1me become satisfied that the security is insufficient, by reason of ¤dmin;snat;>r¤,_or the removal or insolvency of the sureties in the bond, or any of them, §:f,f,:r°”;B‘;,5_‘,‘;; or by reason of the penalty of the bond being too small, or from any in certain eases. other cause whatever, it shall and may be lawful for the said court to order and require the said administrator or administrators, executor