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296 THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 166. 1848. construction, and the post-office, United States court-room and offices at Wilmington,

 °f;“?‘°“" North Carolina, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars,

wri.»;}r,,g{r},.,;N, For continuing the construction of the custom-house in the city of C¤¥°li¤¤· Savannah, thirty thousand dollars. _

 S_ For the purchase of a site for a custom·house_ in Charleston, South

Carolina. ’ Carolina, one hundred thousand dollars, in addition to the sum of thirty thousand dollars already appropriated. New Orleans For continuing the construction of the custom-house in the city of New Orleans, one hundred and thirty thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight dollars. Boston. For paying the outstanding claims OD account of the new customhouse at Boston, and for completing the work, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. ¥Vi¤¤¤S¤¢*· For repairing the custom-house at Wiscasset, in the State of Maine, and for purchasing the land on which it stands, two thousand two hundred dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. P°**le¤d· For repairing and painting the custom-house at Portland, in the State of Maine, three hundred dollars. 3¤*`¤¤<$i¤g¢€}'· For refunding certain duties paid by colleges, academics, schools, lggoliggéiiaggg and seminaries of learning in the United States, on philosophical ernies,&c. apparatus, instruments, books, maps, and charts, agreeably to the provisions of an act passed July thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred and 1846, ch. 270. forty-six, entitled "An Act reducing the duty on imports, and for other purposes," the sum of seven thousand dollars; and hereafter all phil- Bcoks,&c.,im- osophical apparatus, instruments, books, maps, and charts; statues, {’;g;;d&;°'t0°“;); statuary, busts, and casts, of marble, bronze, alabaster, or plaster of duty lice,.) Paris; paintings, drawings, engravings, etchings, specimens of sculpture, cabinets of coins, medals, gems, and all collections of antiquities, provided the same be specially imported in good faith for the use of any society incorporated or established for philosophical or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by the order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States, shall be imported into the United States free of duty, any thing in the act above named to the contrary notwithstanding. rgraaanggmvei. For grading and gravelling Four·and-a-half Street, from Maryland line, &¤-I $*86}-** Avenue to the arsenal grounds, and flagging the west side, four thou- €{l,3Shll;,il`:,$SQ,,;,Il sand seven hundred and fifty dollars. ° For grading and gravelling Indiana Avenue, from Third Street to the Capitol Hill, and constructing culvert under the same, thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. For paving the remainder of the centre space of Pennsylvania Avenue to Fifteenth Street, four thousand dollars. For paving Fifteenth Street, in front of the Treasury Department, and of the street in front of the President’s House to Seventeenth Street, to be executed in the same manner as was prescribed for the paving of Pennsylvania Avenue, twelve thousand seven hundred dollars: Provided, That all the foregoing appropriations for paving shall be laid out under the direction of the War Department; and that the Secretary of War shall appoint an engineer to make the necessary levels and surveys for all the said improvements of said streets and avenues: Provided, That all of such work be done by contract to the lowest responsible bidder, or bidders, after giving thirty days' public notice in such newspapers as shall be selected by the Secretary of War in the cities of Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Repairs of po. To 1'€lml>l.11’S€ to the city of Washington the amount advanced to the =<>¤¤¤¤ bridso- Commissioner of Public Buildings to finish the repair of the Potomfw bridge, twelve hundred dollars.