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320 THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 175. 1848. .From Helena, in Arkansas, to Panola, in Panola county, Mississippi, via Askew’s Bluifs, once a week. Louisiana. Louisiana.- From New River post-otiice, on the east bank of the Mississippi River, to Galveston, in said State. From Winsborough, in the parish of Franklin, to Monroe, in the parish of Ouachita. From Natchitoches, along the bank of Red River, to Shreveport. From Plaoquemine to Johnson’s store, on the Bayou Grosstete, by the way of Point Coupee, in Louisiana. From Harrisonburg, through what is called the Funebree and Riser settlements, to Columbia. From Columbia, by Thomas Mereditlfs, Anderson, and Perkins, in Jenkins’ settlement, to Vernon. From Vernon, by Indian Village and Coon’s, to Monroe. New York. Nezv York.-——From Lockport, via Tonewanda Rapids, to Clarence. From Elizabethtown, Essex county, New York, via Keene postoliice, and Osgood’s, Harrietstown, St. Amands, to Merrillsville postoffice, in Franklin county, New York. From Fort Covington, Franklin county, New York, to Dickinson, by way ofMoira, in the same county. Wisconsin. W/Ysconsin, ——·For a mail route from Prairie du Chien, in Wisconsin, via Round Prairie, Graham’s Mills, the Falls of Black River, the Mouth of Ollear River, the Middle Mills on the Menomonie River, the Mouth of William River, and Osceola, to the Falls of St. Croix. Alabama. Alabama. —— From Wilderness post-office, via Carleton’s store, to Mott’s post-office. From Troy, in Pike county, Alabama, via Wellborne or Indigo Head, to Geneva, in said State. From Benton, in Lowndes county, Alabama, via Joseph Walkers to Warrenton, in Dallas county. When said Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the aforesaid routes shall be F°“*°“ Shin 9** advertised for contracts, for the service thereon, at the next general into operation. . . . . . letting in the year eighteen hundred and forty-nine, and the service to Prcviso. commence as soon thereafter as practicable : Provided, That as soon as a responsible contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the routes included in this bill, the Postmaster-General shall have the power forthwith to put them under contract : Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to express any opinion as to the true boundary of any State or Territory named therein. Postmaster Gen- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster-General be, Fml “""Y °s°“b' and he is hereby authorized to establish post·offices and appoint deputy ish certain ost— ’ . . Omcegin Caiiror. postmasters at San Diego, Monterey, and San Francisco, and such rua, ¤¤d ¤¤¤k¤ other places on the coast of the Pacific, in California, within the territory lggzxzgw of the United States, and to make such temporary arrangements for the transportation of transportation of the mail in said territory, as the public interest may

,;:y‘_“ $****1 T"` require ; that all letters conveyed to or irom any of the above-mentioned

Rm, of pmt_ places on the Pacific, from or to any place on the Atlantic coast, age rrom or to shall be charged with forty cents postage ; that all letters conveyed P_g°°° °¤*l¤° P¤· from one to any other of the said places on the Paciiic shall pay twelve °l °' and a half cents postage; and the Postmaster-General is authorized to apply any moneys received on account of postages aforesaid to the payments to be made on the contract for the transportation of the mails in the Pacific Ocean; and the Postmaster-General is further authorized A€¤¤!¤f<>¤‘ mil to employ not exceeding two agents in making arrangements for the

’,';,"§jf§_3,';f§{: establishment of post-offices, and for the transmission, receipt, Mid

be appointed. conveyance of letters in Oregon and California, at an annual c0mp¤¤· sation not exceeding that of the principal clerks in the Post-Otlice Department. Avrnovnn, August 14, 1848.