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TWENTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Szss. I. Ch. 17, 20. 1846. 11 Can. XVII. --.4:: .8:: to autlxorin an Increase of the Rank and Fila of tho dmy Mw I3. ¥$·i6· of the United Stale:. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Nuinber urpn- United Statcs of America in Cbngress assembled, That the President :"°;;ig‘; z“; of the United States bc, and is hereby, authorized, by voluntary en- ;:,g;.,c,,..,°d_ listment, to increase the number of privatcs in each or any of the wR¢d¤¤•>5d WDM companies of the existing regiments of drugoons, artillery, and infan- ,,<°;um;"g°:°3§; try, to any number not exceeding one hundred, whenever, in his increase mm opinion, the cxigencics of the public service may require the same, °°”°· and to reduce the same to sixty-four, when the cxigcncics requiring the present increase shall cease: Provided, That said cnlistments mma .,g·,,¤u,;. shall be for the term of tivo years, and no longer, unless sooner dis- ¤¤¢¤'~ banded by the President. Armovnn, May 13, 1846. mm. xx.-an An making Apmpmzm for certam rmequaeam of me Mw i5, 1846 Umlcd States, for the Year ending on zhe thirtiede of June, mu thousand eight [Obsolete] hundred and fort·y·:evm. ' Be it enacted by the Senate and House J Representatives zf the United States of America in Cbngress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any Appmpxiaxiou. unappropriatcd money in the treasury, for the preservation, repairs, and construction of certain fortifications, for the year ending the thirticch day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven : For defensive works and barracks near Detroit, Michigan, thirty Detroit. thousand dollars. For defensive works and barracks near Bufalo, New York, twenty— Buimo. Eve thousand dollars. For repairing and rebuilding barracks and stogchouscs at Fort Fup; Nigga};. Niagara, N cw York, five thousand five hundred dollars. For Fort Ontario, at Oswego, New York, eight thousand dollars. For: Ontario. For fortifications at the outlet of Lake Champlain, New York, forty- Ouuez pr Lake hre thousand dollars. Ch“"P°"”· For fort at the narrows of the Penobscot River, ucar Bucksport, Fortatnarrows Maine, thirty-five thousand dollars. °f P""‘°°'°°‘· For repairs of Fort Preble, Portland harbor, Maine, tan thousand Fm Preble. dollars. For repairs at Fort Scammel, Portland harbor, Maine, twenty-five Fm Summa!. thousand dollars. For repairs of Fort McClary, Portsmouth harbor, New Hampshire, Fm Mcfiiqry. including the purchase of land for extension of site, six thousand mind f°' "°°‘ dollars. ‘ For repairs of fortihcations on Govemofs Island, Boston harbor, G°'°¤°*’¤ W Massachusetts, thirty thousand dollars. hud' Bum"' For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, forty-tivo thousand Fm W¤r¢¤· dollars.

 For Fort Adams, Newport harbor, Rhode Island, fifteen thousand Fon Adams.

ollars. For rebuilding Fort Trumbull, New Loudon harbor, Connecticut, P`<>¤‘·T¤¤¤*>¤U· twenty thousand dollars. For Fort Schuyler, East River, New York, forty thousand dollars. F°‘* S°i'“7l°'· For repairs at Fort Wood, and sca.-wall of Bed1ow’s Island, New YM Wwdhtfdd York, forty thousand dollars. f::,:'“]I:h 'Q:L ` For repairs of Fort Hamilton, New York, thirty thousand dollars. Fm Hunilwn. For repairs of Fort Madison, Annapolis harbor, Maryland, ten 1·‘mM•aim¤ thousand dollars.