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THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. Ii. Ch. 100. 1849. 367 of an inspector of lights on the upper lakes, one hundred and sixteen thousand one hundred and ninety-eight dollars and thirty-three cents. For salaries of thirty-three keepers of floating lights, seventeen thou- Floating lights, sand eight hundred and fifty dollars. ,817,850. For seamen’s W3g6S, repairs and supplies for thirty-three floating 884J38{; 6g_ lights, eighty-four thousand three hundred and eighty-six dollars and sixty-five cents. For expenses of weighing, mooring, cleansing, and supplying losses Beacons,buoys, of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, twenty-nine thousand six hun- &¤·· $29077 *6- dred and seventy-seven dollars and forty-six cents. For expenses incurred by superintendents in visiting lighthouses Annual nam. annually, and examining and reporting their condition, two thousand i¤¤ti¤¤, $2000. dollars. For superintendents’ commissions, at two and a half per cent. on Superintendthe four hundred and sixty-six thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars °?**·" 3l'{%',?5¤£‘ and eight cents, appropriated above for lighthouse purposes, eleven S“FE§;,;s’;,,Pm.Q thousand six hundred and seventy-three dollars and twenty-tive cents. ¤ repetition of And the proviso contained in the act making appropriations for the g}‘§6gl?“‘° ““°°’ civil and diplomatic expenses of the government for the year ending the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, and for other purposes, approved August twelfth, eighteen hundred and forty- eight, which proviso is in the following words: “Provided, That no part of the sum hereby appropriated shall be paid to any person who receises a salary as an officer of the customs; and from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, the said said disbursement shall be made by the collectors of the customs without compensation," is hereby repealed. For completing the lighthouse on Brandywine Shoal, Delaware Lighthvuses, Bay, twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and two dollars and sixty- &°g,`;';,;Mn€ one cents. Shoal, For completing the lighthouse on Carysfort Reef, coast of Florida, C$29»?°€ Q- I thirty-one thousand Eve hundred and ninety dollars and seventy-six p;;’l;;?r e°’ cents. $31,590 76. To pay the balance due to Ebenezer Warner, for constructing the EbenezerWm·- lighthouse at White Fish Point, on Lake Superior, three thousand ”°’·$3298· two hundred and ninety-eight dollars. For illuminating apparatus for the lighthouse at Mi¤ot’s Rook, Bos- Minovs Rock, ton Harbor, Massachusetts, four thousand five hundred dollars. I §;;0°8“ H"“b°"· For the reimbursement of the New York, Providence, and Boston Ligibbmt at Railroad Company, and the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, Eel Grass for their expenses in maintaining a light-boat on Eel Grass Shoals, in Sh°°]’·$10·4°7- Fisher’s Island Sound, from the month of November, in the year eighteen hundred thirty-seven, to the present time, ten thousand four hundred and seven dollars. Hospitals. — For completion of marine hospital at Pittsburg, eleven g$;g;°*l¤»'i¤-* thousand six hundred and sixty-seven dollars. 3u:66;_uXg' For completion of marine hospital at Louisville, eleven thousand six Louisville, hundred and sixty-seven dollars. 8u’667‘ For completion of marine hospitals at Cleveland, six thousand six Cleveland, 0 hundred and sixty-seven dollars. $6661 For completion of marine hospital at Chicago, twenty thousand Chicago, dollars. $20900- For completion of marine hospital at Paducah, twenty thousand Paducah, dollars. B20»000· For completion of marine hospital at Natchez, twenty thousand Natchez, dollars. $2°·°°°· Fo! completion of marine hospital at Napoleon, Arkansas, twenty N2gD0<g6¤¤¤»Arl¢-, thousand dollars. _ xgé L(,,,;,,M,__ For the purpose of erecting u marine hospital at or near St. Louis, 320,000.