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THIRTILTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. Ch. 103. 1849. 377 At Norfolk. -—-For general repairs, one thousand dollars. %f¤i¤» At Pensacola.- For repairs of hospital buildings, medical otHcers’ 8 P,,,,,,,,,°1,,_ quarters, out-buildings, fences, and general repairs, one thousand seven $1150. hundred and fifty dollars. _ _ For Magazines, viz. — §gE“§“{¥ At Boston, one hundred and fifty dollars. New Y§,,k_ ` At New York, two hundred dollars. .8200· _ At Washington, one hundred and fifty dollars. $,x?shmgt°°’ At Norfolk, one hundred and fifty dollars. Norfolk, §150. For stone and jioaling Dry Docks, viz.—-— For completing the stone d£{&”ji‘;“_ d’Y dry dock building at New York, four hundred and ninety thousand Ne,} y,,}},, dollars. $*99900- For the construction of the floating dry dock to be built at Kittery, $2%6°0t§€" two hundred thousand dollars. ’ For the construction of the Boating dry dock to be built at Phila- 218g%’6gFlPma» lelphia, two hundred thousand dollars. 8 ’ ' For the construction of the Boating dry dock to be built at Pensa- 821;§°0w°l“’ cola, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. ° For improvements and superintendence at naval depot near New sg? 0'1°“‘“· Orleans, the sum of one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. Magna corps Marine Corps. - For pay of officers, non-commissioned officers, Payof umassé, musicians, privates, and servants, serving on shore, subsistence of 0Hi- mggngg &°· cers, and pay for undrawn clothing, two hundred and nine thousand 8p,;,,,,;,, ,,,,,_ and twelve dollars: Provided, That the President of the United States rines ·may be may substitute marines for landsmen in the navy, as far as he may fsggggfdm 3:; deem it expedient to promote the efficiency of the service. mv, And that the officers of the marine corps affected by the 4th section C**Y¤>i¤ °m· of the act of Congress approved March 2, 1847, entitled "An Act for °,;,§,]f KQ; the increase of the Marine Corps of the United States," shall be pro- banded by the vided for in the same manner that theollicers of the old army, who §g;;’fg":0h$& received appointments in the additional regiments raised for the war m,,;,;' with Mexico, were under the 4th section of the act of Congress, approved July nineteen, eighteen hundred and entitled 1848· °h• 1M' "An Act supplementary to an act entitled ‘ An Act providing for the prosecution of the existing war between the United States and the republic of Mexico, and for other purposes} " For provisions for marines serving on shore, thirty thousand six Provisions, hundred and seventy Your dollars and eighty cents. $30*674 80* For clothing, forty-two thousand nine hundred and forty-eight $g;g;i¤8» dollars. ’ ' For fuel, thirteen thousand one hundred and fifty-eight dollars. 8§‘Q°gé_&°' For military stores, repair of arms, pay of armorers, accoutremeuts, Military sdm, ordnance stores, flags, drums, lifes, and musical instruments, six 86000- thousand dollars. For transportation of officers and troops, and expenses of recruiting, _Tm¤ggg0**¤· eight thousand dollars. mm 8_ ' For repairs of barracks, and rent of temporary barracks and offices m§,°,P§,‘;“§f,g3’0' for commanding officers, six thousand dollars. C,,,;d,,",,,_ ` For contingencies, viz.: cies, 318584. Freight, ferriage, cartage, wharfage, compensation to judges advocate per diem, for attending courts martial, courts of inquiry, and for constant labor, house rent in lieu of quarters, burial of deceased marines, printing, stationery, forage, pmage, pursuit of deserters, candles, oil, straw, furniture, bed sacks, spades, axes, shovels, picks, carpenter's tools, keep of a horse for the messenger, pay of matron, washerwoman, and porter at the hospital head-quarters, eighteen thousand one hundred and eighty-four dollars. , _ _ To supply a deficiency in the appropriation of the third ofM¤l'Gl1, apggxwufg eighteen hundred and forty-seven, for two buoy-boats, one on the eastern buoy-boat, Vox., IX. Pun.——48