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398 THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 110. 1849. of gold coins hcnceforward, the folloxvérxg deviations from the standard weight shall not be exceeded in any of the single places- namely, in the double eagle, the eagle, and the half eagle, one halfof: a grain, and in the quarter eagle, and gold dollar, one quarter of a gram ; and that, in weighing a Iargc number 0I` pieces together, when delnvercd from the chief coincr to the treasurer, and from the treasurer to the depositors, the deviation from the standard weight shall not exceed three pennyweights in one thousand double eagles; two permyweights in one thousand eagles ; one and one half permyweights in one thousand half eagles ; one permyweight in one thousand quarter eagles; and one half of a pcnnyweight in one thousand gold dollars. Armovmn, March 3, 1849. March 3, 1849. CHAP. CX. —-An Act requiring all Money: reeeivnblefrmn. Cmrimns and jl-om all

      • 1**** other Sources tv be paid immediately into the Treasury, without Abatement or

Reduction, and for other Purposes. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the

£};;t Sggssm United Stqtes of America in Congress assembled, That from and

moneys received after the thxrtncth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-mne, the foryheuseof the gross amount of all duties received from customs, from the sales of g“Q§dPai§’t?;$§ public lands, and from all miscellaneous sources, for the use of the tlle Treasury United States, shall be paid by the ctficcror agent receiving the same

‘{;*§°“" d°d“°‘ into the treasury of the United States at as early a day as practicable,

` without any abatement or deduction on account of salary, fecs, costs, Prvvisc. charges, expenses, or claim of any description whatever: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to alter the existing laws regulating the collection of the revenues of the Post-Oflice Department. fJ:PI£;%lg\::&;;g$ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so much money as may be or dmwbacn necessary for the payment of debentures or drawbacks, bounties and allowances, which are or may be authorized and payable after the day aforesaid, bc, and the same are hereby, appropriated for that purpose out of any money in the treasury, {0 be expended under the direction of the Secretary of that department, according to the laws authorizing Pr¤viS¢>· said debentures or drawbacks, bounties, and allowances: Provided, That the collectors of the customs shall be the disbursing agents to pay the aforesaid debentures, drawbacks, bounties, and allowances; and that all debenture certificates issued according to law shall be received in payment of duties at the custom-house where the snmc has been issued, the laws regulating drawbacks having been complied with.

§ecr’y of the Sec. 3. And be it further cnartcd, That it shall be the duty of the

n;2f“§:’Q;;,j‘;;; Secretary of the Treasury to submit to Congress, at the commenceestimgxtes ol" ap- ment of the next regular session, estimates of appropriations which may V Zg;§!;{;{¤<;§S sg; be required to provide for the expenses of collecting the revenue from ,.;d°,~0, expenses customs, and also from the public lands, for the second half of the next ¤f collecting the fiscal year, and separate estimates for the said purpose for the year '°"°““°*&°‘ ending the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and fifty, and similar

     estnmates from year to year thereahcr.

for YQ;'T‘:g’;;;‘°;‘? S1-cc. 4. And be at further enacted, That so much money as may bc eellectiug the necessary to pay the expenses of collections referred to in the next ¤’¤V¢¤¤¤¤· preceding section, including the first half of the next Escal year, and until specific apprepuations for the objects shall be made by Congress, be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury, to be expended after the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and Pmvisoz ex- forty-nine, under the direction of the Secretary thereof, confnrmably m:' Qgvefgg to law and regulation: Provided, That the expenses of collecting the Hmitei, revenue from customs shall not thereafter exceed the sum of 0116