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. . . . I 422 T IIIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sass I Cu 6 850. March 29, 1850. Crxn. VI.-An Act to carry into Efact the Convention between the United States

 and the Emperur of Bran], of the twerrty·S8’v6nth day of January, an the year

VOL ;_cp_`Mé_ one thousand eight hundred and forty-mno. Commissioner Be it enacted by the 'Scrrate and House 1y' Rqnresentatwes g' the ° be ¤PP°*¤*°d· United States of America m Congress assembled, That the Presrdem of the United _States, by and ujith the advice and consfant of the Senate, shall appomt one commrssroner, whose duty rt. shal be to receive, examine, and decide upon all such clarms as may be presented to him, and provided for by the convention-between the United States and the Emperor of Brazil, concluded at R10 Janeiro, the twenty-seventh day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred end forty-nine, according to the merits of thetseverul cases, 'and the prmcrples of justice and equity, the law of nations, and the stipulations of the said convention. And there shall also be appomtcd by the President, by and Qierktohe ¤p· with the advice and consent of the Senate, s clerk to act under the P°¤“€d· commissioner in the performance of the dutres prescribed by tl]lS act. And the commissioner and clerk shall, before entering on their offices, Oath. severally take an oath well and fanthfully to perform the drmes thereoi Commissioner Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the sard commxssxoner shall ¤¤*;¤<>*i¤<1d *3 be, and he is hereby, authorized to make all needful rules and regula-

.`;;u?a::,:;_ an tions, not contraveuing the laws of the land, or the proyrsxons of the

said convention, or this act for carrying the sard commission mto effect. Departmerrtof Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all records, documents, or S"“*°d*° £°l"`:' other papers which now are in, or hereafter, during the continuance iigoggiéyyyigéigug of this commission, may come into, the possession of the Department Pr- of State, in relation to the saxd clarms, shall be delivered to the commissioner aforesaid. Commgssioner- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the commissioner to be

   appointed under this act shall, forthwrth alter hrs arppomtmept, attend

ecutg the duties at. the oxty of Washington, and organize tire comm1ss1o¤,_an procee <=<>¤*i<l¤d *0 bbw to execute the duties hereby ooniided to hrm, and shall give notice in

?;fi&`:,;l;f one or more newspapers published in the cityhof Wszhington, and m

mgten and other such other newspapers published elsewhere as elmay _ eem necessary,

 of his appomtment to examme and decxde the sand clanns, and }yequ;··

tl, m,m;,,_., and mg the claimants to produce their claims and evidence, and wv en the ¢l¤<$i<l¤ wd said claims are presented, he shall proceed with ell convenient dc- °1°`mS‘ spatch to consider the same, and the evidence relating thereto, allowing time for the production of additional evidence as he shall consider reasonable and just; and thereafter shall decade the same, and award the ratable proportions of the several clarmants rn the sums of money and interest to be received under the stipulations of the conveutron aforesaid; und within one year from the time of the attendance of the sand commissioner in the city of Washington, and organxzing the cormrussion he shall complete and terminate the duties of the said commission. Moneys v¤y9- Sho. 5. And be it fzrther enacted, That the Secretary of the Treas-

 fgf,‘f}m_E;‘Q§}; ury shall cause the moneys and interest thereon, payable to the United

to be received by States in pursuance of the said convention, to be duly received from §,°°*°*”>' °‘ th; the imperial government of Brazil, and transferred to the United ,,;;?,`;l,§u.d°‘{(, States in such manner as he may deem most advantageous and best, rm the awards and the net proceeds thereof to be deposited in ¢he'Treasury, and t° °mmam'°' the same are hereby appropriated to pay the awards m favor of the claimants herein provided for. _ Qu the termi- Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That on the termination of the

385,8; th
commission, the commissioner shall report to the Secretary of State 3
st,,rq·,,a`$,,dS list of the_awards made by him, e certified copy of which shall be

fg b·§Y¤I><¤*¤d *0 transmitted by the Secretary of State to the Secretary of the Treasury, gtgtefggmy °f who shall, from time to time, as they may be received, distribute 1D rateable proportion among the persons in whose favor the awards shall have been made, all sums of money received into the treasury of the