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480 THIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 75. 1850. From Trenton, Dale county, to Chattanooga, in Tennessee. From Monticello, via Canton, to Dahlonega. From Dublin, Laurens county, to Jacksonville, Telfair county. From Thirteenth Station, Central Railroad, to Sandersville, Washington county. From Thomasville, Thomas county, via Dekle’s Store, to Monticello, Jefferson county, Florida. From Talbotton, via Red Bone, Talbot county, to Hootenville, Upson count . Froin Marietta, Cobb county, via Roswell and Cuming, to Dahlone a. From Marietta to Canton. From Jacksonville, via Swain’s Store, to Ocmulgee post-office. From Mount Vernon, Montgomery county, via Tillman’s Ferry on the Ohoopy River, and Wilkes’ Ferry, on Pendleton Creek, to Reeds ville, Tatnall county. From Blount’s Ferry to Polk, Clinch county. From Alapahaw, Lowndes county, to Jasper, Hamilton county, Florida. From Waresboro’ to Polk, Clinch county. From Gin Town, Irwin county, to Okapilco, Lowndes county. From Villa Rica, Carrol county, via Pleasantvale and Cedar Town, to Cave Spring, Floyd county. From Dublin, Laurens county, to Jacksonville, Telfair county. From Oglethorpe, via Hamburg, Pond Town, Trycam, Buena Vista, and Halloca, to Columbus. From Thirteenth Section, Central Railroad, to Sandersville, in Washington county. From Poplar Spring, Hall county, to Mount Jonah, Habersham county. From Reedsville, Tatnall county, via Surrency’s post-office and StaH`ord’s Ferry, to Holmesville, Appling county. From Waresboro’, Georgia, to Blount’s Ferry, Florida. From Hawkinsville to Irwinville. From Dahlonega to William Robertson’s. From Thomasville, Thomas county, Georgia, to Monticello, Jetferson county, Florida. From Centre Village, Camden county, via Woodstock Mills, Florida, to St. Mary’s, Camden county. From Waresboro’, in Ware county, to Centre Village, in Camden county. From Eleventh Section, Central Railroad, to Fifty-lifth Precinct, Emanuel county. From Tarbolton to Hootenville, via Red Bone. From Monticello to Thomasville, via Dekle’s store. From Eden to house of James Hazin, Bullock bounty. K¢¤f¤¢kY· Kentucky. — From Lagrange, via Hendersonville, to New Castle From Middletown, via the Eakin Road, to Shelbyville. From Louisville, via Cross Roads, to Shepherdsville. From Foster’s Landing to Falmouth. From Troy, via Silvertop, and the points where the Kentucky State line strikes the Mississippi River, to New Madrid, Missouri. From Hopkinsville to Rumsey. From Somerset, via Harrison and Miltonville, to Liberty. From Richmond, via Walnut Valley, to Kiddville. From Maysville, via Tolesboro’, Eculapia, John Thompsoifs, on Kinniconick, and the Laurel Fork of the Kinniconick, to Knapp’¤ post—office. From Barboursville to Whitley Court-House. From Providence to Henderson.