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512 THIRTY-—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 79. 1850. the authority conferred therein, and any such merchandize may be ex. ported from either of the aforesaid ports, or from such ports on the seaboard, from which merchandize may, under existing laws, be exported for benefit of drawback, and be transported thence in like manner to ports in the adjoining British provinces, and to ports and places in Mexico, under such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, Proviso. as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe: Provided, That so much of the eighth section of said act as requgres the prodgggon of the ailidavit of the master of the vessel in whic any such g s may be exported, may be dispensed with when such goods are not exported in vessels; and the residue of the provisions of said section are hereby extended to cases arisina under this act. Repeal of the Sec. 17. And be it yurther enacted, That so much of the proviso {fg 3*2; to the fifth section of the act of third March, eighteen hundred and MQ, to gawd, forty-nine, entitled "An Act requiring all moneys receivable from cus- ¤¤<l Chih¤¤h¤¤· toms, and from all other sources, to be paid immediately into the treasury without abatement or reduction, and for other purposes," as exempts from the operations of said section the provisions of law relating to the exportation of merchandize to Canada and Chihuahua, be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Impprterlmer- Sec. 18. And be it further enacted, That any imported merchanf,l;;Qgf:m,;“;; dize, in the original packages, which shall have been duly entered and or 1846, en. 84, warehoused in pursuance of the warehousing act of the sixth August, ma?' be €*¤P°¤€d eighteen hundred and forty-six, may be exported therefrom in conformto ports in ad- . · - · - - j,,,,,,,,,., Brmsh ity with law, and be transported, in the manner indicated in the first provinces. section of this act, to ports in the adjoining British provinces, and become entitled to the benefits of the warehousing act before mentioned. Extension of Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That the privileges granted by gf]? *;;,5Eé °l‘é the act of second Marcliheighteen hundred and thirtyrone, entitled duties on ms,-An Act allowing the duties on foreign merchandize, imported into

l&¤¤<;$%imP{;<;;;; Pittsburg, Wlieeling, Cincinnatti, Igousville, Saint Louis, Nashville,

burg, wheeling, and Natchez, to be secured and paid atlthose places," be, and are &¤. hereby, extended to any forcxggi merchandize intended for either of the ports mentioned in said act, which may be imported into such ports of entry on the seaboard of the United States, as may be designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, and be thence transported, to either of the aforesaid ports, by such inland routes as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate, under such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, as he may prescribe, and subject to the forfeitures and penalties prescribed in and by said act of March second, eighteen hundred and thirty-one. _ Collector of N. Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That the collector of the disg;§"‘l: trict of New Orleans be, and he is hereby, authorized to employ such ten temporary number of temporary inspectors, not exceeding ten, in addition to the i¤¤P°°*°'*· permanent and temporary inspectors now authorized by law, as may be necessary for the prompt and convenient despatch of business in sard district; and that each of said temporary inspectors be allowed and paid a compensation of three dollars per day for every day he shall be Proviso. employed in actual service: Provided, however, That the said collector shall not be authorized at any time to employ a larger number of inspectors, including the permanent and temporary inspectors heretofore authorized, than the actual number of vessels from foreign ports, llrpving) cargoes to be discharged, then lying in said port or district of ew rleans. President au- Sec. 21. And be it rther enacted, That the President of the $$:2*::; ESQ: United States, by and wig: the advice and consent of the Senate, be, ant up raisers and he is hereby, authorized to appoint two additional assistant ap-

  • `°’ N"' 8*`l°¤¤S· praisers for the collection district of New Orleans, with the same salary as that now authorized by law, to the assistant appraisers of said

collection district.