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T HIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 90. 1850. 535 For surveying the public lands, including incidental expenses to be Surveys and apportioned to the several districts according to the exigencies of the i¤<=id¤¤*¤l ¤><· public service, the part to applied to the surveys of the mineral re- pulses` gion of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa, and in the resurveys required by the location and survey of private claims in Florida, to be distributed at augmented rates, one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. For completing the surveys of the towns and villages in Missouri, Missouri. named in the acts of eighteen hundred and twelve and eighteen hundred and twenty-four, including office work, two thousand dollars. For the survey of private claims in Florida, under the act of twenty- Florida. oighth of June, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, including the work 184% ch- 83- now under contract, fifteen thousand dollars. For surveying in Louisiana, viz. : Louisiana. For the outstanding liabilities of the surveying department, in Louisiana, exclusive of the Greensburg district, thirty thousand five hundred and fifty dollars. For the outstanding liabilities of the surveying department in the Greensburg district, Louisiana, three thousand two hundred and twelve dollars. For proposed surveys in Louisiana, exclusive of the Greensburg district, and including office work, seventeen thousand dollars. For proposed surveys, including omce work, in the Greensburg district, Louisiana, seventeen thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. For the mineral land service, to carry out the requirements of the 1847, ch. 32 & acts of the first and third of March, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, °l‘· 5*- to wit: For compensation of geologists, assistant geologists, laborers, pack- Geological exmen, doc., and incidental· expenses attending the geological examina- ;E';?;‘;]“ Wg tion and survey of the mineral lands in Michigan, Wisconsin, and cousin, i and Iowa, twenty thousand dollars. I°W**· For running and marking the northern boundary of the State of Northern boun- Iowa, conformably to the act of the third of March, eighteen hundred d°’{g4;f QIWE3 and forty-nine, fifteen thousand dollars. i' For running and marking the meridian boundary between Wisconsin Bvundary beand Minnesota, six hundred dollars. ;:§°Ih¥f;§§§° For refunding to the surveying appropriation the amount transferred Itornnaing oi therefrom, on the application of the commissioner of the general *'°¤*€°*;f°d °P land office, by the Secretary of the Treasury, to the contingent fund pmpr a wu' of that office, for the service of the fiscal year ending thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, for the payment of outstanding liabilities of that fund, contracted by the general land office, before the fourth of March, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, beyond the amount appropriated for that year, and to be carried to the credit of the general surveying fund, thirteen housand seven hundred and seventeen dollars and forty-six cents. Interwurse with Foreign Nations.- For salaries of the ministers of Ministers. the United States to Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Chili, seventy-two thousand dollars. ’ For salaries of the secretaries of legation to the same places, sixteen Seqretaiies of thousand dollars. 1°g°‘°°°‘ For salary of minister resident to Turkey, six thousand dollars. Minister to For salary of the dragoman to the legation to Turkey, two thousand hilgggmm five hundred dollars. For salary of an assistant dragoman and secretary to the legation to Assistant and Turkey, fifteen hundred dollars. secretary. For outfit of charges des affaires to Portugal, New Grenada, Guate- éhttit of charmala, and Ecuador, eighteen thousand dollars. 8 ' For salary and outnt to charge d’atfaires to Nicaragua, nine thou- C1mg¢toNissand dollars. °"8u°'