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558 THIR.TY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 9}. 1850. Ertpenses or For current expenses of Indian department, fifteen thousand and d°P°“`tm°“*· eighty-three dollars and forty-three cents. , Assistant For compensation for two years ending thirtieth June, eighteen hunl’l*°l*¤¥¤i*l‘ Y°* dred and fifty-one, of an assistant to the blacksmith authorized to be tm Quapawl employed for the Quapaw Indians in/the third article of the treaty of thirteenth May, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, four hundred and eight dollars. i Blacksmith gFoi the teestablishment of the blacksmith shop for the‘Senecas and

l;'5PS*,;’;£;’::.°°·s Shawnees, under the fourth article of the treaty of twentieth July,

' eighteen hundred and thirty-one, including pay of smith and assistant, and the usual supply of iron, coal, and steel, one thousand and sixty dollars. New code of For expenses of revising, preparing and printing a new code of {§;:‘s“,}£ regulations for the Indian department, in connection with all laws and dapmm,m,_ portions of laws in force in relation to Indian affairs, duties and responsibility of superintendents and agents, disbursing and accounting for public money, &.c., &.c., and for compiling, printing, and binding a supplement to the volume of Indian treaties published in eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, three thousand dollars. Commissioner For compensation of commissioner to negotiate with the Wyandott

 Indians, under an appointment by the President, twenty-seven days, at

eight dollars per day, as iixed in such case by the provision in the last 1842, eh_ g4_ clauic og th; acti of July geiienteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-two, two un rc an sixteen o lars. Creeks. For the continuance of the following allowances to the Creek Indians, arising under the fifth article of the treaty of the fourteenth February, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, viz.: &c Blacksmith, hFor pgy of pllaclltsngth gud aiisfant, and for iron, steel, and coal, one · thousand one un re an ten dollars. W¤€¤¤·¤¤¤¤k€¢‘· For pay of wagon—maker, six hundred dollars. érgplernents For agricultural implements, two thousand dollars. “°¤¤°¤· For education, one thousand dollars. Richard Chute. For payment to Richard Chute for articles of outfit furnished the Winnebago delegation who visited the seat of government and concluded the treaty of eighteen hundred and forty-six with that tribe, seven hundred dollars and live cents. Redemption of For the redemption of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M. gf %H§,};”’ °f White, who was captured by the Indians on the borders of New Mexi- `co, fifteen hundred dollars, to be expended under_ the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. So-la Emarthla. For payment to So-le Emarthla, a Seminole Indian, this amount stolen from him by United States soldiers at New Orleans, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. _For treaties To enable the President to hold treaties with the various Indian Eg;a¤E“l‘f°""*° tribes in the State of California, twenty-five thousand dollars. Lewis A_ For payment to Lewis A. Thomas and Thomas Rodgers five hunggomus Raulé dred dollars, for services rendered by them in defence of two Sioux g,,;?" °Indians indicted in the District Court of the United States for Iowa Territory, holden in the county of Dubuque on the eleventh of August, eighteen hundred and forty-five, for the murder of two white men. t°A8°:1l7 wd in- For paying arrears of compensation to an agent and two interpreters T;’;;_°" “‘ for the Indian tribes of Texas, authorized by act of third March, eigh- Leen hu(pdred and forty-seven, and subsequent acts, three thousand two undre dollars. Centra} Bank To pay the Central Bank of Georgia, assignee of H. W. J arnegan Go 'fG°°’$“‘· Co., and others, the sum oftwenty-one thousand and forty-four dollars. Amd. of _For the payment of the awards of General William B. Mitchell, comq,,,,,,,, wm,,,,,, missioner under the treaty of Chicago of the twenty-sixth of September, 6. Mitchell uu- eighteen hundred and thirty-three, with the Pottowottamies, reported by