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THIRTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 12. 1851. 571 For compensation to clerks employed by the Secretary of the Treas- Omoe or third ury, in the third auditor’s office, on the examination of muster and`°“‘m°' °f *‘°°·’· pnyqolls of the war of eighteen hundred and twelve, and Indian wars, my` in addition to an undrawn balance of appropriation for the month of July last, twelve thousand dollars: Provided, That no clerk shall re. p,°v;,,,, M to ceive more than at the rate of one thousand dollars per annum under ¤I¤rk¤· this act, except one whose salary shall be sixteen hundred dollars per annum, and four others whose per diem pay shall be four dollars. For contingencies incident thereto, such as printing, binding rolls, Contingencies. desks, office furniture, and labor, five hundred dollars. War Department.- For additional compensation to four watchmen Watonmen in in the north-west executive building, five hundred and forty dollars. :;’i:*:*i';§f_{,;’°° For compensation of superintendent of rented building corner of F gum.; buffs. and Seventeenth Streets, from first of October, eighteen hundred and hsfifty, to thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, at two hundred and fifty dollars per annum, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and lift cents. For compensation of four watchman, from first of October, eighteen hundred and fifty, to thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, fill teen hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said building, twelve hundred and seventy dollars. To replace an amount obtained from the subsistence department, Subsistence which was applied to the service of the quartermaster’s department last d°P“*m°“‘· year, and is a charge on the appropriation for the present year, two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. For the amount of drafts drawn, the proceeds of which were applied _Quartermasto the service of the quartermastefs department in the last year, and :1:;:, d°P"t' have been paid from the appropriations for the present year, two hun- ` dred and sixty-four thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and three cents. To supply a deficiency on account of claims yet to be discharged, _I¤51ian bq¤ti1i· under the head of preventing and suppressing Indian hostilities in Flor- °"°“ “‘ m°“d" ida, seventy-five thousand dollars. Post-Office Department.- For additional compensation to three Watehmen in Watchmen in the post-oftice department, four hundred and five dollars. PZ::;’£:° d°‘ For contingent expenses of the office of the auditor of the post·olHce P C0,,t,,,é,,,m,_ department, for furniture and labor rendered necessary in consequence ` of the increase of business and number of clerks, and for deficiency in estimate, one thousand seven hundred dollars. Interior Department. — For temporary clerks in the pension-office, 'temporary in addition to the balance of appropriations now on hand, thirty-two "‘ P°““‘°“ thousand nine hundred and thirty-three dollars and twenty-seven cents: Provided, That said temporary clerks shall not be allowed more than Proviso as to three dollars and thirty-three and one third cents per day. PW- For salary of recorder of land titles in Missouri, five hundred dol- Recorder in lays_ LHSSOUJ'1. For compensation of the surveyor-general of Oregon, sixteen hun- Surv•3lor-ge¤- dred dollars. ml °f °$°“· For salaries of the attorney and marshal of the Territory of New New Mexico. Mexico, four hundred dollars. i For salaries of the governor, judges, secretary, attorney, and mar- Utah. shal of the Territory of Utah, eight thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of members of the legislative assem- Iegislativena gl);; officers, clerks, and contingent expenses, twenty-four thousand “°“‘l’ Y· o ars. For invalid pensions, under various acts, one hundred and sixty- unvarid penthree thousand dollars. “‘°“°" For pensions to widows and orphans, under the acts of the fourth