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THIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 12. 1851. 573 then left undrawn by the said Cherokeesz Provided, however, That the Proviso. sum now appropriated shall be in full satisfaction and a final settlement of all claims and demands whatsoever of the Cherokee nation against the United States, under any treaty heretofore made with the Cherokees. And the said Cherokee n'ation shall, on the payment of said sum of money, execute and deliver to the United States a full and final discharge for all claims and demands whatsoever on the United States, except for such annuities in money or specific articles of property as the United States may be bound by any treaty to pay to said Cherokee nation, and except, also, such moneys and lands, if any, as the United States may hold in trust for said Cherokees: And provided, further, Proviso. That the money appropriated in this item shall be paid in strict conformity with the treaty with said Indians of sixth August, eighteen hundred and forty-six. For reappropriation of the following snms,'(carried to the surplus fund on the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and forty-six, and the thirtiethulune, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven,) under the following heads : —- Fulfilling treaties with the Kansas, eight thousand seven hundred and seven dollars and twenty-one cents. For fulfilling treaties with the Wyandots, three hundred and fifty- five dollars and twenty-eight cents. Support of blacksmiths, &.c., for Osages, six thousand five hundred and six. dollars and fifty-nine cents. Payment of claims for Osage depredations, fourteen thousand three hundred and seventy-five dollars and fifty cents. .For purchase of cows and calves for Osages, three hundred and twelve dollars and sixteen cents. For continuing the collection, and for publishing the statistics and 1847, eh. 66. other information, authorized by the act of the third of March, eigh- 1850, ¤h· 9L teen hundred and forty-seven, and subsequent acts, fifteen thousand three hundred dollars. For supplying deficiency in the amount appropriated at the last session for the same object, four thousand and sixty-one dollars. For expenses of an agent to collect information to enable the de- Agent for partment to execute the law of Congress providing for the per capita Ch*’°k_‘f°’· payment to Cherokees, under the treaty of eighteen hundred and thirty- V°l· '“· P· 478· five, so far as relates to those Indians east of the Mississippi, one thousand five hundred dollars. For removal and subsistence of Indians, fifty-two thousand five hun- Chiekasaws. dred and ten dollars and thirty-seven cents. This sum is required in order to settle the claim adjudicated by the accounting officers- of the treasury, in favor of the Chickasaw nation of Indians, for losses, &.c., in provisions purchased in eighteen hundred and thirty-seven. For the pay of the several companies, and the. expenses of three Texas volun. companies of Texas volunteers, called into service by requisition of *¤€”· Brevet Major·General Brook, two hundred and thirty-six thousand mne hundred and thirty-four dollars and thirty-four cents: Provided, That Proviso. the pay and allowances conform to the pay and allowances of similar troops employed during the war with Mexico. For expenditures incident to the issue of the ten millions dollars of _ _Texan indem- Stockll-Of TQXQH indemnity, ten thousand dollars, 2;;; °°¤tm5°“' For reimbursing the State of Florida, under such rules and regular- massa. tions_as have heretofore governed the adjustment of similar claims of the several States on the United States, for moneys advanced and paid, and for_ expenses incurred and obligations contracted by said State, for subsistence, supplies, and services of local troops called into service during the year eighteen hundred and forty-nine, by and under the authorities of said State, seventy-five thousand dollars.