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694 THIR.TY—·FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. Ch. 23, 24. 1851. Compensation Provided, That hereafter, in lieu of the pay proper, ordinary rations gf, l’;‘;;j;s°'“ forage, and servants, heretofore received under the provisions of the 10g,?;,,, §m,5,€. act of April twelfth, [twenty-ninth,] eighteen hundred and twelve, the matics, ethics, professors of engineers, philosophy, mathematics, ethics, and chemistry, $:355%,2:2;; shall be entitled to receive two thousand dollars each, per annum, and and of the adju- the professors of drawing and French, fifteen hundred dollars each, per ““‘*· annum: And that the adjntant of the Military Academy shall hereafter 1812* °h‘ 72* be entitled to receive the same pay and allowances as au adjutant of a regiment of dragoons. (a) Sundries. For clothing for oiHcers’ servants, thirty dollars. For repairs and improvements, fuel, apparatus, forage for public horses and oxen, stationery, printing and other incidental and contingent expenses, twenty-seven thousand one hundred and thirty·live dollars. For increase and expenses of the library, one thousand dollars. _ B¤¤d <>f' vis- For expenses of the board of visitors, including deficiency in the mfgé,) h 54 appropriation for the fiscal year ending thirtieth June, one thousand ’ °' eight hundred and fifty-one, three thousand eight hundred dollars. Pfwficql in- For expenses of practical instruction in held engineering, comprising struction in Held - · engineering_ purchase of lumber, iron, tools, brush, &.c. &.c., for construction of trenches, field batteries, magazines, gun and mortar platforms, descents of ditches, mines, and other temporary work, five hundred dollars. Quarters- For erecting quarters for engineer troops, five thousand dollars. Warrning np- For apparatus for warming academy and other buildings with hot air, P‘“`“t“S· two thousand five hundred dollars. Approved, March 3, 1851. March 3, 1851. CHAP. XXIII.—An Act rrmking Hppropriatiarw for the Payment of Navy Pm- -———·—————— sions for the Year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Appropriations United States if America in Congress assembled, That the following

°;;us“°“'Y Pm sums be, and the same are hereby appropriated out of any money in the

' treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the pay of navy pensions, for the year ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty- two. For invalid pensions, forty thousand dollars. Approved, March 3, 1851. Mn;-eh 3, 1851, CHAP. XXIV. -— An Act to divide the District of Arkansas into two Judicial ····——··—·· Districts. (h) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _'1`wo judicial United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after

   the passage of this act the counties of Benton, Washington, Crawford,

sos. Scott, Polk, Franklin, Johnson, Madison, and Carroll, and all that part of the Indian country lying within the present judicial district of Arkansas, shall constitute a new judicial district, to be styled " the western district of Arkansas,” and the residue of said State shall be and remain a judicial district, to be styled " the eastern district of Arkansas.” Terms or court. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the judge of the district (a) See act of 1812, ch. 72, and 1850, ch. 54. Ai:) See note in vol. iv. p. 261, for previous provisions respecting courts in I EDIBB.