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622 THIRTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 34. 1851. Hemp, pur- of the Navy shall hereafter purchase for the use of the navy, in open °l‘“s° °f· market, if to be procured, American hemp of a quality equal to the best forei n article. Ordnance and For ordnance and ordnance stores and small arms, including inci- °’d”"‘”°" $*°’°’· dental expenses, one hundred and seventy-one thousand two hundred Provisc. dollars: Provided, That the officer charged with the experiments in unner at the nav ard at Washin ton shall hereafter receive the gomperiation of a cibrriimander at sea. g Meteorological For meteorological observations, to be conducted under the direction °bS°'”*i°¤¤· of the Secretary of the Navy, two thousand dollars. Nautical in- For the purchase and repair of the nautical instruments required for ‘t’““‘°“*s· the use of the navy, ten thousand five hundred dollars. B¤<>k¤. maps, For the purchase of all the books, maps, and charts required for the 'md °h°"ts‘ use of the navy, eight thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. For backing and binding the same, an,d for printing and publishing hydrographical surveys, astronomical observations, and sailing directions, nine thousand two hundred dollars. _ PW of Super- And the superintendent of the naval astronomical expedition in Chili,

,”f,,°(l;,;’,Qt directed by the act of the third of August, eighteen hundred and forty-

1848, ch. 121. eight, shall receive the ame amount of salary as is allowed to the superintendent of the naval observatory at Washington City, while he has been or may be in charge of that expedition: Provided, That the pay and emoluments of said officer shall not exceed for any one year the sum of three thousand dollars. Sundries. For models, drawings, copying, postage, stationery, freight Bild transportation, for pay of lithographer, and for working lithographic presg, including chemicals, for keeping groignds and {buildings in ogder, or nishing the radin of the grounds, or ay o porters, gar ner, watchmen, instrunient miiker, for fuel, lights, ahd all the unenumerated

 expenses of the hydrographical office and national observazory, eleven thousand six hundred and twenty dollars.

For copying abstracts from old sea-journals for the wind and current charts, and for continuing, and engraving, and publication olf; the same, including cost of copper, stones, chemicals, paper, &.c., in t c nationa observatory, fifteen thousand dollars. Buildings at For the repairs and erection of buildings at the United States Naval A¤¤**P°li’· Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, fifty-two thousand hpp hupdgedddollars. For the contin ent ex enses of the United States uva ca emy at Annapolis, Marygmd, tvniienty-six thousand seven hundred dollars. contingent For contingent expenses that may accrue for the following purposes, °xP°m°$· viz. : Freight and transportation, printing and stationery, advegtising ig newspapers, books, maps, models, and drawings, for purc ase an repair of fire engines and machinery, and a patent right to use the same, repair and attending on steam engines in yards, purchase and maintaining horses and oxen, and driving teams, carts, timberfwheéds, and the urchase and re air of workmcn’s tools, osta e 0 pu ic letters, fnirniture for govgrmnent houses, fuel, oil,Pand gcandles, for navy and store stations, cleaning and clearing up yards, watchman, and incidental labor not chargeable to any other appropriation, laborhattpnding on delivery of stores and su lies on foreign stations, w ar age, dockage, and rent, travelling experiislbs of officers, funeral expenses, store End office rent, stationery and fuel to navy agents apld storekeepersi, ags, awnin s, and packin cases, remiums, and other expenses o recruiting, agprehending dgserters, tier diem pay to persons attending courts martial and courts of inquiry, and other services uuthorizediby law, pay of judge advocates, pilotage and towage of vessels, and assistance rendered to vessels in distress, five hundred and twenty-eiglrt thousand seven hundred dollar . For the floating dry dock in California, one hundred and fifty thousand