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THIll.1‘Y—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 48. 1851. 637 year, and a term of each of said courts shall likewise be held at said city, commencing on the third Tuesday of April, in each year; and special terms of said courts, or either of them, may be held at said Special terms. city of Chicago at such other times as the district judge of the United States for the district of Illinois may appoint; and process may be Return of made returnable to any general or special term of said District or Cn-. P'°°°¤¤- cuit Court at said city of Chicago, at any succeeding term thereof} notwithstanding a term of the said courts may, in the mean time, be held at the seat of government of the State of Illinois, or elsewhere. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the clerk of said Circuit Aclerk’s cities and District Courts shall keep a clerk’s office for said courts at Chi~ QM}: 0k°5;d ag cago, and all the records and papers pertaining to business in said deputg elerk tc courts at Chicago shall be kept therein; and he shall appoint a deputy ygsygggygaud clerk of said courts, to reside in said city of Chicago. ' Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the judge of the District Rules ansreg- Conrt of the United States for the district of Illinois may make such ‘;£1';f;n’ {,22;;;:* rules and regulations for the regulation of the terms of said court, and &,,_ ’ ' the process thereofQ and the business, and the fees and costs to be taxed therein, as he shall deem expedient, and revise and alter the same when necessary. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the terms of the Circuit Ter-mscfcourt. Court and the terms of the District Court of the United States for the district of Illinois, now required to be annually held in said district on the first Monday of June, and the first Monday of December, be hereafter held on the first Monday of July and the third Monday of December, annually, and that all causes, motions, and proceedings pending in said courts, which may have been continued, and all process which may have issued therefrom returnable to the next June term of the said Circuit and District Courts, shall be considered and held as returnable, and continued to the new July term of the said courts provided for in this section. Ayraovan, March 3, 1851. Cnr. XLVIII.——./An det to establish certain Post-Roads in the United States, March 3, 1851. and the Territories thereof. "";*" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following roads be, and the same are hereby, declared post-roads, to wit:-— Maine.—From Houlton, via Smyrna, to Aroostook road, in Aroos- Maine. took county. From Portsmouth in New Hampshire, to Kittery in Maine. From Dennysville, via Charlotte, to Calias. From East Thomaston to the Island of Matinicus. Massachusctts.—From Hingham, Plymouth county, via the north Massachusetts. part of Cohasset, to Hull. WVerm0nt.—-From Danby, Rutland county, via Mount Tabor, to Vermont. eston, Windsor county. From East Thomaston to the Island of Malinicees. From Dennysville, via Charlotte, Bairing, to Calais. Asifom Jvnesville, via Huntington, Starksbord, Bristol, to New HUGH, ison county. 6 {ger?} Hampshire.-- From Wakefield, Carroll county, via East Wake- Newllampshire. e , lidden’s Corner, to Effingham. I New York.-From the city of Albany, in Albany county, to the NewYork. ower aqueduct on the Mohawk River. wgrom albany, via Bethlehem, New Scotland, Coeymans, Westerloo, ranvi e in Greene county.