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THIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Szss. II. Rus. 4, 5, 6. 1851. 647 Sec. 4. And be it further resolved, That the clerk of the House of Each member Representatives be, and he is hereby, instructed to deliver to each gm¢¤¤"1>';¤;¤¤¢ · member of the present Congress one copy of the eighth volume of the me @2; of American Archives, and for this purpose he shall use the two hundred viii. _ [mexican and nineteen volumes of the Archives, paid for at the last session of A’°’“'°'· Congress, and purchase a sufficient number of volumes to supply the deficiency. Approved, February 27, 1851. {No. 4.] -.4 Resolution for the Relief of LouisKos.s·uth and his Associates, Exiles March 8, 1851. from Hungary. """‘"""'_‘ Wmmms, the people of the United States sincerely sympathize with Preamble. the Hungarian exiles, Kossuth and his associates, and fully appreciate the magnanimous conduct of the Turkish government in receiving and treating those noble exiles with kindness and hospitality, and whereas, if it be the wish of these exiies to emigrate to the United States, and the will of the Sultan to permit them to leave his dominions, therefore, Resolved by the Senate and House cy" Representatives of the United Kossuth and States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the gs United States be, and he hereby is, requested to authorize the employ- brought to this ment of some one of the public vessels which may be now cruising in country in ¤ the Meditterranean, to receive and convey to the United States the said P“b1‘° '°“°1' Louis Kossuth and his associates in captivity. Avmovzn, March 3, 1851.

No. 5.] -49 Resolution changing the Made of appointing Clerks of the Treas- March 3, 1851.

urers of the Mints of the United States. """“"“" Wmanms, by existing laws, the treasurers of the United States" Preamble. mint are required to give bond in heavy penalties for the faithful performance of their duties, and of those under them; and whereas, it is but just the selection of their clerks should be under their control; therefore, Resolved by the Senate and Haus; of Representatives of the United Treqsurers of States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the second Qggiggzxi section of the act, approved March third, eighteen hundred and thirty- or their-_ own five, entitled "An Act to establish branches of the mint of the United 3°’k¤»¤°bJ°‘i* t? States," as vests the appointment of the clerks of the treasurer in the th; gg;?;?, 2; superintendent of each mint, be, and the same is hereby, repealed; the Treasury. and that the several treasurers of the United States} mint be, and they 1835’°h‘ 3g' §2' are hereby, authorized to appoint their own clerks, subject, however, to the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury. Ammovnn, March 3, 1851. [N0. 6.] - Joint Resolution explaining the dat: of seventh July, eighteen hundred March 3, 1851. and ¢/tiny-aight, March third, cigluom hundred and forty-three, and June scum- "1"_"""‘ tuntls, dghlcm hundred and forty-four. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United The benefits Sides of America in Congress assembled, That the b€Il€iitS of the acts °f§3gh°c§?w18gt: of July seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, granting pensions 1843: eh. 102; T0! live years; of the ae: of Mare}; third, eighteen hundred and forty- {gg 18‘“;mg‘· thfeé, granting pensions for one year; and of the act of June Seven- Pe,{,;°¤§gi., grid? Month, eighteen hundred and forty-four, extending the act of March ¢>w¤,exteudedw