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46 TWENTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 74. 1846 molasses; mu kets, rihes, and other fire-arms; nuts, not otherwise provided for, ochres and ochrey earths, used in the composition of painters' colors, whether dry or ground in oil; oil cloth of every description, of whatever material composed; oils, volatile, essential, or expressed; arid npt otpleigvisie prgvigedt for; lohveploil, Zntpasks, other than sala oi · o ives a oi , an a 0 her o ive oi , no o ierwise rovided for ; olives ; paper, antiquarian, demy, drawing, elephant, foolsgap, imperial, letter, and all other paper not otherwise provided for; paper boxes and all other fancy boxes; paper erlilvelopes ; paraspls lpnld sgnshades• archment· e er; lated an i t ware 0 a in s; playing clhrds; plunisyplgatoeslé red chalk gpencils; saddlery of all kinds, not otherwise provided for; salmon, preserved; sealing-wax; sewing silks, in the gum or purified; shoes composed wholly of India rubber; side-arms of every description; silk twist, and twist composed of silk and mohair; silver-plated metal, in sheets or other fibrm;ksoap, Castile, erfumed, Windsor, and all other kinds; sugar o all inds; sirup oflbugar ; tobacco, unmanufactured; twines and packthread, of whatever material composed; umbrellas; vellum; vinegar; wafers; water colors; wood, unmanufactured, not otherwise provided for, and iire·wood; wool, unmanufactured. Scusnuta D. -— (Twentygive per oentum ad valorcm.) Schedule D,25 Borax or tinctal; Burgundy pitch; buttons and button moulds, of Hfrzéenh ad V°· all kinds; baizes, bookings, flannels,-and floor-cloths, of whatever ' material composed, not otherwise provided for; cables and cordage, tarred or untarred; calomel, and all other mercurial preparations; camphor, crude; cotton laces, cotton insertings, cotton trimming laces, cotton laces and braids; floss silks, feather beds, feathers for beds, and downs of all kinds; grass cloth; hair cloth, hair seating, and all other manufactures of hair not otherwise provided for; jute, sisal grass, coir, and other vegetable substances unmanufactured, not otherwise provided for; manufactures composed wholly of cotton, not otherwise provided for; manufactures of goat’s hair or mohair, or of which goat’s hair or mohair shall be,a component material, not otherwise provided for; manufactures of silk, or of which silk shall be a component material, not otherwise provided for; manufactures of worsted, or of which worsted shall be a component material, not otherwise provided for; matting, China, and other floor matting and mats made of flags, jute, or grass; roofing slates, and slates other than roof? ing slates; woollen and worsted yarn. Semanuuz E. ——( Twenty per centum ad valorem.) schedule E’20 Acids, acetic, acetous, benzoic, boracic, chromic, citric, muriatic, {>::e;¢¤¤· ¤d W- white and yellow, nitric, pyroligneous, and tartaric, and all other acids ' of every description, used for chemical or medicinal purposes, or for manufacturing, or in the fine arts, not otherwise provided for; aloes: alum; amber; ambergris; angora, Thibet, and other goat’s hair or mohair unmanufactured; aniseed; animal carbon; antimony, crude and regulus of; arrow-root; articles, not in a crude state, used in dyeing or tanning, not otherwise provided for; assafoetida; bacon; bananas; barley; beef; beeswax; berries, vegetables, flowers and barks, not otherwise provided for; bismuth; bitter apples; blankets of all kinds; blank books, bound or unbound; blue or Roman vitriol, or sulphate of copper; boards, planks, staves, laths, scantling, spars, hewn and sawed timber, and timber to be used in building wharves; boucho leaves; breccia; bronze liquor; bronze powder; butter; cadmium; calamine; cantharides; caps, gloves, leggins, mits, socks, stockings, wove shirts and drawers, made on frames, composed wholly of cotton, worn by men, women, and children; cassia buds; castor