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724 THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 97,103,10G. 1848. N°*ld¤Hi¤ dm Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this act shall be act to be so con- - ,,,,,,,,,1 u ,0 Pm_ construed to prevent any person or persons, nor any incorporated comvent any person pany hereafter to be created by Congress for. that purpose, from g;m,£,‘:;°“Spm; engaging in and pursuing the business specified ln the seventh seelion engaging, in the of this act ; and that it shall be lawful for Congress, at any time here- !=¤=i¤•==¤¤i>·=¤i¤i¤·i after, to alter amend, br repeal this ae:. Liggztggmcnon Sec. 10. .:11::1 be it further enacted, That nothing in this act con- Said eerpem. tained shall be construed to authorize the said Washington Gas Light

,l°¤ P',;’,hd’i’?d Company to make, issue, or put in circulation any bill, draft, check,

BIJKLKQ;. order, promissory note, change ticket, or any thing else promising or in circulation agreeing to pay money, intended to circulate as money, or the tendency ggfltzl &;h°°l‘;‘j of which shall be to circulate as money or currency; and the violation tendeil to bircu- of any one of the provisions of this section shall be a forfeiture of the l¤*°¤¤m°¤<*Y· charter herein granted and anne of fifty dollars against each of the directors voting for theisame. Stoqkholrlersze Sec. ll. And be it further enacted, That each of the stockholders Eiblclndgxldggig ip the yllashington Gas Light Company shall beheld liable in his or and an 8m,,,,,,, er individual capacity for all the debts and liabilities of the sand comqf Snidaiivrpvrn- pany, however contracted or incurred, to be recovered by suit as other “°“‘ debts or liabilities, before the court or tribunal having jurisdiction of the case. Approved, July S, 1848 July g, 1g4g_ Crue. XCVII.— An Act for the Reliefaf Russell Goss. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the A pension or United States ry' America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary °lSh§hd°l;*;{° Pi; of War be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to place the dagger, G,,s;dv° name of Russell Goss, of the State of Tennessee, on the roll of invalid pensioners, and to pay him during his life a pension at the rate of eight dollars per month, from the first of July, eighteen hundred md forty-six. Approved, July 8, 1848. July 17, 1g4g_ CHAP. CHI. — An Act to confirm to ills legal Representatives of Joseph Duunflis —-—·—··—· the Locatton of a ccrtom New Madnd Certificate. Be it enacted by the Senate mid Hmrse of Representatives of the Leeetlen under- United States of America in Congress assembled, That the location by d Madrid the legal representatives or assignee of Joseph Dutaillis, under a New §;,;d_ E °°°` Madrid certificate, numbered fifty-two, (52,) of the south half of section eighteen, in township forty-nine north, range nine west, in the Patent toissue, State of Missouri, be, and the same is hereby, confirmed, and a patent may issue therefor as in other cases. Approved, July 17, 1848. July 20, 1848. Omar CVI. —-An Act for the Reliqfof William T. Holland. _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the ,,m]l‘;P,£€;S United States q" America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary the mileage ai. of the Treasury pay to William T. Holland, out of any money in the l°W_¤d ;gWd¤¤$; treasury not otherwise appropriated,the mileage allowed by law to wit- 5} Ulm, ° 5;;,,, nesses attending the courts of the United States from the city of R10 {States, from Rio de Janeiro, in the empire of Brazil, to the city of Richmond, in the ‘€ ”‘“°"° *° State of Virginia Rl 11 d V` - ' ganiieimn ’ H Avrnoven, July 20, 1848,