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THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 178, 179, 180. 1849. 787 of the Navy cause the name of John J. Young, a commander in the Pi¤¢¤d ¤¤ the navy of the United States, to be placed upon the navy pension list, and ,mdP§“S;‘f,“ the same amount paid to said John J. Young which was paid to him sioii or $25ppu prior to the act of Congress of first August, eighteen hundred and g°““*’°l’°P*ld forty-one, to wit: twenty-five dollars per month. Said payment to be lieu, e1i.4. made according to the rules and regulations now existing, and commencing on the first of August, eighteen hundred and forty-one, the time when the pension of said Young was suspended; which payments shall be made from the navy pension fund, or out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, March 3, 1849. Can. CLXXVII1. — dn dot for the Relief of Charles Bemis. Much 3, 1g4g_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Mrited States of Ame••iea in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of $387 20 to be the Treasury pay to Charles Bemis, out of any money in the treasury gfgns 9;***;.3 not otherwise appropriated, so much as remains undisturbed in the satisiaietion of treasury of the United States, the sum of three hundred and eighty- big <>l¤l¤¤ ¤g¤i¢¤¤¤ seven dollars and twenty cents; being the nett amount paid into the the U' Sm°S' treasury from the sale of his effects, which had been seized for nonpayment of duties, in full discharge and satisfaction of his claim, specified in the accompanying report. Arsnovsn, March 3, 1849. Gun. CLXXIX.-An Act for the Relief of James Norris, and for other Mulch 3. 1849 Purposes. '-"""_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary Name ofJames of the Navy be, and he is hereby, directed to place the name of James Nlggig *° tk? Norris, of Sandwich, in the State of New Hampshire, on the roll of ,1;,,,,%; g;,,,,,,; invalid pensioners, and pay him a pension at such rate per year as is roll. provided by law for the total disability of an of an assistant surgeon in the navy of the United States, to commence ou on the iirst day of July, A. D. eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and continue during his natural lifé. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That there be, and hereby are, ap- Appropriation propriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated 5’l;n€h*;,€*¥§;r‘; the following sums, for the government of the Territory of Minne- tm. of mumgot; ; sota, viz.: For salaries of governor, three judges, and secretary, nine thousand Salaries ofgov— dollars, egior and other For contingent expenses of said Territory, three hundred and fifty °C?,;?,},gend€S_ d°Hm°B· _ _ _ _ Pay and mi1e— For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative age or iiieiip assembly, pay of officers and attendants, printing, stationery, fuel, and 2*:;: °f other incidental expenses, thirteen thousand seven ,hundred dollars. auaiarteudamsi Approved, March 3, 1849. ¤¤d <>*l¤¢¤‘ imidental expenses. Can. CLXXX.-dn Act for the Relief of James F. Sothoran. March 3, 1849- Be it enacted b the Senate and House of R esentatives of the B United States of gmerica in Congress assemblcd,?I`rhat the Secretary Tgecacidtrayqtgfz-