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822 CREEKS AND SEMINOLES. JAN. 4, 1845. Anrrcnn IV ·¢·ddi¢§$·¤¤l, The Creeks being greatly dissatislied with the manner in which ?:,lZ,,,°:,,,,{,{ a1_ their boundaries were adjusted by the treaty of 1833, which they say iowed the Creeks they did not understand until after its execution, and it appearing that f°"2°Y°“"‘· in said treaty no addition was made to their country for the use of the Seminoles, but that, on the contrary, they were deprived, without adequate compensation, of a considerable extent of valuable territory: And, moreover, the Seminoles, since the Creeks lirst agreed to receive them, having been engaged ip a protgacted andalblgody contesk which has naturally engendered fee ings an habits c cu ated to ma e them troublesome neighbors: The United States, in consideration of these circumstances, agree that an additional annuity of three thousand dollars for purposes of education shall be allowed for the term of twenty years; that the annuity of three thousand dollars provided in the treaty of 1832 for like purposes shall be continued until the determination of the additional annuit above mentioned. It is further Education fund. agreed that all the education fundsyof the Creeks, including the annu-

,;';"g°;§;i·&,f;¤,:;f ities above named, the annual allowance of one thousand dollars, proexpended iii their- vided in the treaty of 1833, and also all balances of appropriations for

Z:'¤ ;>,°¤:,9’Y i¤ education annuities that may be due from the United States, shall be ,,,§,P§ch,,,,1,_°°r` expended in their own country for the support of a manual labor school in the Canadian District, and of another in the Arkansas Dis- Proviso trict : Provided, That the President does not object to such application of the annuities above named, granted in the treaties of 1832 and 1833. And it is also agreed that, in the management of such schools, the wishes of the Greek council shall be consulted. (a) Anrrcnn V. Rationstobeis· The Seminoles having expressed a desire to settle in a body on

 ““a;h   Little River, some distance westward of the present residence of the

moveiduring ra. greater portion of them, it is agreed that rations shall be issued to such gxgpciégdtotgg as may remove while on their way to their new homes; and that, after ,,,,i,,,,,,,,d fo, sk their emigration is complgted, the wihole tribe shall be subsisted for inoiitiis alter em- six months, due notice to e iven t at those who do not come into 'g.}‘f,':; m,.us,m, the Creek country before the issues commence shall be excluded. to remove in si; And it is distinctly understood that all those Seminoles, except those

W?   now in Florida, who refuse to remove to, and settle in, the Creek. count,,,,,,,, ,,0, ,0 pm try, within six months alter this treaty is ratified, shall not participate

Liggg; in in in any of the benefits it provides. (a) ARTICLE VI. The war c. The sum of liiteen thousand four hundred dollars, provided in the g},5f:°%,l;’*:Q,‘§$ second article of the treaty of Payne’s Landing, shall be paid in the of Payne’s Lana. manner therein pointed out, immediately after the emigration of those 36% °“d lim 83,- Seminoles who may remove to the Creek country is completed; also, in zggldztaigr as soon after such emigration as practicable, the annuity of three when to be paid: thousand dollars for lilteen years, provided in the fourth article of said {nd' wt '°L treaty, and, in addition thereto, for the same period, two thousand ’ P` dollars per annum in goods suited to their wants, to be equally divided among all the members of the tribe. ARTICLE VII. 31,000per an- In full satisfaction and discharge of all claims for property left or l‘:";¤f°{;$ abandoned in Florida at the request of the officers of the United States, in .g-rgcummi under promise of remuneration, one thousand dollars per annum, in i¤Pl¤¤¤•¤¤· agricultural implements, shall be furnished the Seminoles for tive years. _

(a) See Amendments, post, p. 824.