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CREEKS AND SEMINOLES. JAN. 4, {845. 825 In testimony whereof, we hereunto place our hands, this twenty- eighth day of May, 1845. Roley McIntosh, Curseta Micco, To-marth·le Miccc, Tuskuner Fixico, Eufaula Harjo, Ho-lah-tah Micco, Tuckabatche Micco, Co-suh-nah-che Harjo, C0·wock-k00·che Emarthlar, Spoke-oak Micco, Jim Boy, Oak-chun Harjo, O poeth-le Y0-ho-lo, Joseph Carr, Tuskunar Harjo, In-thlinnis Harjo, David Barnett, K. Lewis, Neah·locco Chopko, B. Marshall. Tustunnuggee Chopko, In the presence of -- J. B. Luce, Secretary to Commissioners. B. Marshall, Interpreter. James Logan, Creek Agent. Thomas L. Judge, Sub-Agent, Sem. Indians. Reuben Cook. Wm. Whitfield. Seminoles. Mic-can—o-pe, George Cloud, Co-ah·c0o-che, or Wild Cat, Cho-co—tee, Alligator, Pas-c0·fur, H0-lat tah Mic-c0o·che, Yo-ho·lo Harjo, Tus se-kiah, Kap-pe-chum-e-coo-che, Halleck Tustunnuggee, E·ch0 Emah-thlor-ehee, Oc-ti-ar-che, Jim Jumper. Black Dirt, In the presence of- J. B. Luce, Secretary to Commissioners Abraham, U S. Interpreter. Thomas L. Judge, Sub. Agent, Sem. Indian;. Thomas Hazen. Charles L. Bailey. (To the names of Indians are added their marks ]