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COMANCHES AND OTHER. TRLBES. Maw 15, 1846. S45 negroes who are now prisoners among any of the said tribes or nations, for which the United States agree to make to them a fair compensation; and the United States further agree to make [that] all the person. m,..,, prisoners taken from said tribes by Texas or the United States, shall *`*°¤· Said ¤’*l>¤¤ be delivered up to the Said tribes, at the same time and place, without ui: b° charge. And when any member of any of said tribes or nations, and their associate bands, having in his possession an American prisoner or prisoners, white or black, shall refuse to give them up, the President of the United States shall have the privilege of sending among said tribes or nations such force as he may think necessary to take F<>¤=¤ ¤¤¤Y be them; and the chiefs of the nations or tribes, parties to this treaty, "'°d‘ pledge themselves to give protection and assistance to such persons as may be sent among them for this purpose. Amrcm V. The said tribes or nations shall have the right of sending delegates This article to the city of Washington whenever they may think their interest re- 'St;::l‘e°“° by qUlI'€S lt. post, pt 848, Anrrcnn VI. The said tribes and their associate bands pledge themselves to give The md t,n,,,¤ notice to the agent of the United States residing near them of any W give ¤¤_¤i¤¤ designs which they may know or suspect to [be] formed in any neigh- zgagggmggtggz boring tribe, or by any person whatever, against the peace and in- and interests or terests of the United States. um U· s“*°“· ARTICLE VII. It is agreed that, if any Indian or Indians shall commit a murder or kdm, gum, robbery on any citizen of the United States, the tribe or nation to ofmurder crrobwhich the oH'ender belongs shall deliver up the person or persons so abc dd"' complained of; on complaint being made to their chief, to the nearest ` post of the United States, to the end that he or they may be tried, and, if found guilty, punished, according to the law of the State or Territory where such offence may have been committed. In like manner, if any subject or citizen of the United States shall commit Cm,,,,,, ,,,-,,,8 murder or robbery on any Indian or Indians of the said tribes or United Staten nations, upon complaint thereof to the agent residing near them, he §:2;{,b‘;r or they shall be arrested, tried, and punished according to the law of diana to the punthe State or Territory where such offence may have been committed, izhffw ¤°°°*”di¤S Anrrcm: VIII. The practice of stealing horses has prevailed very much to the H,,,,,,,,mu,,g_ great disquiet of the citizens of the United States, and, if persisted in, cannot fail to involve both the United States and the Indians in endless strife. It is therefore agreed that it shall be put an entire stop to on both sides. Nevertheless, should bad men, in defiance of this agreement, continue to make depredz-rtions of that nature, the person convicted thereof shall be punished with the utmost severity, ac- Hgw punished, cording to the laws of the State or Territory where the odence may have been committed; and all horses so stolen, either by the Indians An ,,01,,,, from the citizens of the United States or by the citizens of the horses to be re· United States from any of the said tribes or nations, into whose pos- °*°*’°d· session soever they may have passed, upon due proof of rightful ownership, shall be restored; and the chiefs of said tribes or nations shall give all necessary aid and protection to citizens of the United