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872 TREATY WITH THE CHEROKEES. Ace. 6, 1846. necessary to carry out this convention or treaty. A general amnesty is hereby declared. All offences and crimes committed by a citizen or citizens of the Cherokee nation, against the nation, or against an individual or individuals, are hereby pardoned. All Cherokees who are now out of the nation, are invited and earnestly requested to return to their homes, where they may live in peace, assured that they shall not be prosecuted for any offence heretofore committed against the Cherokee nation, or any individual thereof And this pardon and amnesty shall extend to all who may now be out of the nation and who shall return thereto on or before lst day of December next. The several parties agree to unite in enforcing the laws against all future mléjiwgorig the offenders. Laws shall be passed for equal protection, and for the se- !`,,,,,.,,,`,,,,,, (3.,,,; curity of life, liberty, and property; and full authority shall be given hw the security by law, to all or any portion of the Cherokee people, peaceably to

;l;’"Y’ assemble and petition their own government, or the government of

the United States, for the redress of grievances, and to discuss their rights. All armed police, light horse, and other military organization, ishall be abolished, and the laws enforced by the civil authority alone. No one to be No one shall be punished for any crime or misdemeanor, except on g:i';;h°g§g',“g£ conviction by a jury of his country, and the sentence of a court duly cgnyiétiqn by K authorized by law to take cognizance of the offence. And it is further lm')'- agreed, all fugitives from justice, except those included in the general F t_ f amnesty herein stipulated, seeking refuge in the territory of the United j,,,,,_,`£_”°s mm States, shall be delivered up by the authorities of the United States to the Cherokee nation for trial and punishment. Amicus III. n,.,,,,,,, c;,;,,,, Whereas certain claims have been allowed by the several boards ot ps.d out or the commissioners heretofore appointed under the treatyof 1835, for rents, §,5{,0;D&°?,tbu€:;g under the name of improvements and spoliations, and for property oi by the U. s. whichfthe Indians were dispossessed, provided for under the 16th 1 l“d48'g’°“·»'°l· article of the treaty of 1835 ; and whereas the said claims have been ’P`paid out of the $5,000,000 fund; and whereas said claims were not justly chargeable to that fund, but were to be paid by the United States the said United States agree to reimburse the said fund the amount thus charged to said fund, and the same shall form a part of the aggrc gate amount to be distributed to the Cherokee people, as provided in the 9th article of this treaty; and whereas a further amount has been allowed for reservations under the provisions of the 13th article of the treaty of 1835, by said commissioners, and has been paid out of tho said fund, and which said sums were properly chargeable to, and should have been paid by, the United States, the said United States further agree to reimburse the amounts thus paid for reservations to said fund j and whereas the expenses of making the treaty of New Echoto were also paid out of said fund, when they should have been borne by the United States, the United States agree to reimburse the same. and also to reimburse all other sums paid to any agent of the government, and improperly charged to said fund; and the same also shall form a part of the aggregate amount to be distributed to the Cherokee people, as provided in the 9th article of this treaty. Anrxcnn W. mP’°'i¤,m° f°! And whereas it has been decided by the board of commissioners ,,:,,°:'°1,,,— 3, recently appointed by the President of the United States to examine Warrant Charm and adjust the claims and diiliculties existing against and between the k"' “‘ md' Cherokee people and the United States, as well as between the Cher-