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TREATY WITH PILLAGEB. BAND OF INDIANS. Aus. 21, 1847. 909 Lake, this twenty-first day of August, one thousand eight hundred and Signed 2lstAuforty-scv eu. $““» 18*7* ISAAC A. VERPLANK. HENRY M. RICE. Gmoucm Bonn, Interpreter. Aish-ke·bo-ge-Koshc, or Flat Mouth, 1st chief, his x mark. Ca-pe-ma·be, or Elder Brothor’s Son, 2d, chief, his x mark. Nia-je-ga-boi, or La Trappo, head warrior, his x mark. Ca-gouso, or Small Porcupine, hcadman, his x mark. Pe-ii-ke, or the Buffalo, 2d warrior, his x mark. Ca·kex1-ji-wi-nine, or Charcoal, 3d warrior, his x mark. Na-bi·ne·ashe, or the Bird that {lies on one side, 2d hcadman, his x mark. No-ba-coim, or Night Thunder, warrior, his x mark. Chang-·a-so·ning, or Nine Fingers, 3d headmam, his x mark. Witness-Gmcnom Bonn, Interpreter A. Moruusorx, A. R-. McL¤0n, J. W. Lzmm.