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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976

90 STAT. 1142

PUBLIC LAW 94-385—AUG. 14, 1976 matters together with such proposed legislation as he deems necessary or appropriate for the implementation of such plans or recommendations; and "(B) not later than April 15, 1977, such revisions to the plan and report described in subparagraph (A) of this paragraph as he may consider appropriate; and "(3) provide interim and transitional policy planning for energy and natural resource matters in the Federal Government.". EXTENSION OF ENERGY RESOURCES COUNCIL

Ante, p. 1141. 42 USC 5818.

SEC. 163. Section 108(e) of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974, as redesignated by subsection (b)(1) of this section, is amended by striking out "two years after such effective date," and inserting in lieu thereof "not later than September 30, 1977,". DEVELOPMENT OF UNDERGROUND COAL M I N E S

42 USC 6211. "Developing new underground coal mine."

SEC. 164. Section 102 of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act is amended by adding at the end of subsection (c) the following new paragraph: "(4) The term 'developing new underground coal mine' includes expansion of any existing underground coal mine in a manner designed to increase the rate of production of such mine, and the reopening of any underground coal mine which had previously been closed.". TITLE II—ELECTRIC U T I L I T Y RATE DESIGN INITIATIVES FINDINGS

42 USC 6801.

Proposals, transmittal to Congress.

SEC. 201. (a) The Congress finds that improvement in electric utility rate design has great potential for reducing the cost of electric utility services to consumers and current and projected shortages of capital, and for encouraging energy conservation and better use of existing electrical generating facilities. (b) It is the purpose of this title to require the Federal Energy Administration to develop proposals for improvement of electric utility rate design and transmit such proposals to Congress; to fund electric utility rate demonstration projects; to inter\ene or participate, upon request, in the proceedings of utility regulatory commissions; and to provide financial assistance to State offices of consumer services to facilitate presentation of consumer interests before such commissions. DEFINITIONS

42 USC 6802.

202. As used in thii! title: (1) The term "Administrator" means the Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration; except that after such Administration ceases to exist, such term means any officer of the United States designated by the President for purposes of this title. (2) The term "electric utility" means any person, State agency, or Federal agency which sells electric energy. (3) The term "Federal agency" means any agency or instrumentality of the United States.