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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976

90 STAT. 1234

PUBLIC LAW 94-405—SEPT. 10, 1976

carry out a program of making grants to State and local education agencies for such years for the purpose of operating special adult education programs for Indochina refugees, as defined in section 3 of 22 USC 2601 the Indochina Migration and Eefugee Assistance Act of 1975. Such notegrants may be used for— " (1) programs of instruction of adult refugees in basic reading, mathematics, development and enhancement of necessary skills, and promotion of literacy among refugee adults, for the purpose of enabling them to become productive members of American society; "(2) administrative costs of planning and operating such programs of instruction; "(3) educational support services which meet the needs of adult refugees, including but not limited to guidance and counseling ' with regard to educational, career, and employment opportunities; and "(4) special projects designed to operate in conjunction with existing Federal and non-Federal programs and activities to develop occupational and related skills for individuals, particularly programs authorized under the Comprehensive Employment 29 USC 801 note. and Training Act of 1973 or under the Vocational Education Act 20 USC 1241 of 1963. note. "(b) The Commissioner shall not approve an application for a grant State education under this section unless (1) in the case of an application by a local agency review. education agency, it has been reviewed by the respective State education agency which shall provide assurance to the Commissioner that, if approved by the Commissioner, the grant will not duplicate existing and available programs of adult education which meet the special needs of Indocliina refugees, and (2) the application includes a plan acceptable to the Commissioner which provides reasonable assurances that adult refugees who are in need of a program are located in an area near that State or local education agency, and would participate in the program if available. ^ "(c) Applications for a grant under this section shall be submitted at such time, in such manner, and contain such information as the Commissioner may reasonably require. "(d) Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 305 and 307(a), the Commissioner shall pay all the costs of applications approved by him under this section.". Approved September 10, 1976.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 94-719 accompanying H.R. 7897 (Comm. on Education and Labor) and No. 94-1333 (Comm. of eonference). SENATE REPORT No. 94-432 (Comm. on Labor and Public Welfare). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Vol. 121 (1975): Oct. 29, considered and passed Senate. Vol. 122 (1976): Jan. 19, considered and passed House, amended, in lieu of H.R.

7897. Aug. 30, House agreed to conference report.

Sept. 1, Senate agreed to conference report.