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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976



Housing and Urban Development, Department of—Continued Historic Preservation, Advisory Council on, member 1320 Home buyers, protection from hidden or undisclosed defects, study 1073 Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, appropriation for effecting provisions 603 Interstate Land Sales Registration, Office of, appropriation for 636, 650 Public buildings, standards insuring access for the handicapped 2507 Science, Engineering and Technology, Federal Coordinating Council for, member 471 White House Conference on Balanced National Growth and Economic Development, Advisory Committee to the, member 2340 Housing and Urban Development Act, Department of, amendments 1077 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965, appropriation for effecting provisions 1096 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, appropriation for effecting provisions 1097 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970: Amendments 1077, 1078, 1162 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1098 Housing Authorization Act of 1976 1067 "How Our Laws Are Made", publication as House document 3029 Howard University, D.C., appropriation for 611, 1431 Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Coordinator for, establishment 750 Humanities, National Endowment for the, National Museum Services Board, member 1975 Humanities, National Foundation on the Arts and the, appropriations for 1062 Humanities Act of 1965, National Foundation on the Arts and the: Amendments... 1062, 1971 1978, 1980, 1981, 2629 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1062


Idaho—Continued Federal Lands, certain withdrawals from sale, review by Department of Interior 2754 Lake Coeur d'Alene, nonnavigable, declaration 2934 Lower Snake River, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Plan, authorization 2921 Lucky Peak Lake, project modification 2944 Nez Perce National Historical Park, development ceiling increase 2733 Pacific Northwest Trail, national scenic trail, designation, feasibility study 2481 Snake River, navigation and irrigation project, modification 2934 Teton Dam failure, compensation for damages 1211 Valley County, land conveyance 2438 Illinois: Chicago, water diversion, five-year demonstration program and study 2934 Chicago River Watershed, flood prevention and facilities development project 2926 Chicagoland underflow plan, flood control project 2922 Crab Orchard Wilderness, designation 2633 East St. Louis, flood control project, modification 2929 Lincoln Home National Historic Site, acquisition ceiling increase 2732 Shawnee Hills, national recreation area, feasibility study 2449 United States attorney for the Northern District, compensation 2427 Immigration and Nationality Act, amendments 1258, 2300-2302 2535, 2703 Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1976 2703 Immigration and Naturalization Service: Appropriation for 621, 638, 652, 944 Commissioner, compensation 2426 Imports: Arms, control of licenses 744 Beef and veal, limitation on importation from Canada, termination, proclamation 3071 Brooms, modification of tariff-rate quota on certain, proclamation 3103 Idaho: Ceramic tableware, extension and Boise City, land conveyance 1381 modification of certain increased Desert Trail, national scenic trail, rates of duty, proclamation 3096 designation, feasibility study 2481 NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1519; Part 2 contains pages 1520-3129.