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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976





Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act—Continued Appropriation for effecting provisions 1178 Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act Amendments of 1976 981 Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, National Traffic and, amendments 815 Motor Vehicles. See also specific vehicles. District of Columbia, leased or rented, unlawful use 2479 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, Development, and Demonstration Act of 1976 1260 Excise tax, postponement of reductions for vehicles and parts 456 Military assistance, appropriation for.. 774 Passenger motor vehicles used abroad, replacement of certain 830 State, Department of, appropriation for 778 Motorcycles. See also Motor Vehicles. Safety helmets, Federal requirements 454 Mount Mitchell National Park, N.C., feasibility study 2450 Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of 1960, amendment 2962 Museum Act of 1966, National, amendment 795 Museum Services, Institute of, establishment 1975 Museum Services Act 1975 Museums: Cherokee Strip Living Museum, administration 2501 Fuel tax, certain exemptions 2487 Naval and maritime museum, S.C, establishment, congressional approval 1367 Twentynine Palms Park and Recreation District, Calif., land conveyance restriction 327 Music Month, Country, 1976, proclamation 3128 Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act of 1951, appropriation for effecting provisions 937 Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961: Amendment 825 Appropriation for effecting provisions 941, 960, 961, 1428 Authorization of funds 374, 829 Mutual Security Act of 1954: Amendments 833, 1445 Repeal of munitions control provisions 745

N Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of 1966, appropriation for effecting provisions 13, 1424 National Academy of Sciences, Coordinating Committee for Digestive Diseases, member 2653 National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, grants, review 1041, 2720 National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, amendments 1270, 1988 National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, compensation modification 681 Appropriation for 641, 656, 1101, 1102 Authorization of funds 677 Ground propulsion systems, research and development 1270 Medical and negligence suits, defense 1988 Science, Engineering, and Technology, Federal Coordinating Council for, member 471 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act, 1968, amendment 681 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act, 1977 677 National Agricultural Library, appropriation for 855 National Alcohol Research Centers, designation 1039 National Archives and Records Service: Appropriation for 641, 655, 972 Bicentennial copies of certain items prepared by United States Information Agency, deposit 830 Federal Register. See separate title. National Transportation Policy Study Commission, deposit of records and papers 449 National Archives Trust Fund Board, membership change 1192 National Arthritis, Metabolism, and Digestive Diseases Advisory Council, National Commission on Digestive Diseases, member 2651 National Arthritis Act of 1974, amendments 413, 2719 National Arthritis Act Technical Amendments of 1976 413 National Arthritis Advisory Board, establishment 2646 National Bicentennial Highway Safety Year, 1976: Designation authorization 715 Proclamation 3111

NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1519; Part 2 contains pages 1520-3129.