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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976

PUBLIC LAW 9 4 - 2 1 0 — F E B. 5, 1976

90 STAT. 149

participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under, any project, program, or activity funded in whole or in part through financial assistance under this Act. (b) COMPLIANCE.—(1) Whenever the Secretary determines that any person receiving financial assistance, directly or indirectly, under this Act, or under any provision of law amended by this Act, has failed to comply with subsection (a) of this section, with any Federal civil r i g h t s statute, or with any order or regulation issued under such a statute, the Secretary shall notify such person of such determination and shall direct such person to take such action as may be necessary to assure compliance with such subsection. (2) If, within a reasonable period of time after receiving notification pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection, such person fails or refuses to comply with subsection (a) of this section, the Secretary shall— (A) direct that no further Federal financial assistance be provided to such person; (B) refer the matter to the Attorney General with a recommendation that an a p p r o p r i a t e civil action be instituted; (C) exercise the powers and functions provided by title VI of the Civil R i g h t s Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq.); and / o r (D) take such other actions as may be provided by law, (c) CIVIL ACTION.—Whenever a m a t t e r is referred to the Attorney General pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, or whenever the Attorney General has reason to believe that any person is engaged in a p a t t e r n or practice in violation of the provisions of this section, the A t to r n e y General may commence a civil action in any a p p r o p r i a t e district court of the United States for such relief as may be appropriate, including injunctive relief. (d) REGULATIONS.—The Secretary may prescribe such regulations and take such actions as are necessary to monitor, enforce, and affirmatively carry out the purposes of this section. (e) JUDICIAL R E VI E W. — Any determinations made or actions taken by the Secretary u r s u a n t to this section shall be subject to judicial review. (f) DEFINITION. — For purposes of this section, the term "financial assistance" includes obligation guarantees. MINORITY RESOURCE CENTER

SEC. 906. The Department of Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 1651 49 USC 1651 et seq.) is amended (1) by redesignating sections 11 through 15 thereof notes, 1658, as sections 12 through 16 thereof, and (2) by inserting a new section 11 1659. as follows: " M I N O R I T Y RESOURCE CENTER

" SEC. 11. (a) The Secretary shall, within 180 days after the date of Establishment. enactment of this section, establish a Minority Resource Center (here- 49 USC 1657a. after in this section referred to as the ' Center '). " (b) The Center shall have an Advisory Committee, which shall consist of 5 individuals appointed by the Secretary from lists of 3 qualified individuals recommended by minority-dominated trade associations in the minority business community. " (c) The Center is authorized to— " (1) establish and maintain, and disseminate information from, a national information clearinghouse for minority entrepreneurs and businesses, for purposes of furnishing, to such entrepreneurs and businesses, information with respect to business opportunities