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PUBLIC LAW 94-000—MMMM. DD, 1976

90 STAT. 2836

PUBLIC LAW 94-580—OCT. 21, 1976 resource recovery or resource conservation needs of a jurisdiction shall be described in such a manner as to provide a sufficient evaluative basis from which the jurisdiction can make its decisions, but no officer or employee of the Environmental Protection Agency shall, in an official capacity, lobby for or otherwise represent an agency position in favor of resource recovery or resource conservation, as a policy alternative for adoption into ordinances, codes, regulations, or law by any State or political subdivision thereof. a FULL-SCALE DEMONSTRATION

42 USC 6984.


"SEC. 8004. (a) AUTHORITY.—The Administrator may enter into contracts with public agencies or authorities or private persons for the construction and operation of a full-scale demonstration facility under this Act, or provide financial assistance in the form of grants to a fullscale demonstration facility under this Act only if the Administrator finds that— "(1) such facility or proposed facility will demonstrate at full scale a new or si^ificantly improved technology or process, a practical and significant improvement in discarded material management practice, 6r the technological feasibility and cost effectiveness of an existing, but unproven technology, process, or practice, and will not duplicate any other Federal, State, local, or commercial facility which has been constructed or with respect to which construction has begun (determined as of the date action is taken by the Administrator under this Act), "(2) such contract or assistance meets the requirements of section 8001 and meets other applicable requirements o,f the Act, "(3) such facility will be able to comply with the guidelines published under section 1008 and with other laws and regulations for the protection of health and the environment, " (4) in the case of a contract for construction or operation, such facility is not likely to be constructed or operated by State, local, or private persons or in the case of an application for financial assistance, such facility is not likely to receive adequate financial assistance from other sources, and "(5) any Federal interest in, or assistance to, such facility will be disposed of or terminated, with appropriate compensation, within such period of time as may be necessary to carry out the basic objectives of this Act. " (b) TIME LIMITATION.—No obligation may be made by the Administrator for financial assistance under this subtitle for any full-scale demonstration facility after the date ten years after the enactment of this section. No expenditure of funds for any such full-scale demonstration facility under this subtitle may be made by the Administrator after the date fourteen years after such date of enactment. "(c) COST SHARING.—Wherever practicable, in constructing, oper-

ating, or providing financial assistance under this subtitle to a fullscale demonstration facility, the Administrator shall endeavor to enter into agreements and make other arrangements for maximum practicable cost sharing with other Federal, State, and local agencies, private persons, or any combination thereof. "(2) The Administrator shall enter into arrangements, wherever practicable and desirable, to provide monitoring of full-scale solid waste facilities (whether or not constructed or operated under this